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The latest trends in web design that are irresistibly awesome

The web technology marches on with the drumming sounds of various cultures of innovation. With each beat, it makes progress and reforms the way the web is done. It wouldn't be wrong to say that advancement is the cornerstone of the website technology. It never gets old, but renewed in the contemporary style to suit the needs. That's the power of technology.
"There is nothing wrong with the change, if it is in the right direction". The adage goes well with the website technology, which has undergone various phases of transitions and ushered in a new era, which is totally spectacular in all regards. The process of website designing has drastically changed over the past few years, thanks to the rapid growth of technology.

What we see today is a total new web, something that wasn't around yesterday, but working magic today. Here, we have mentioned the five most awesome website designing trends that speak volumes about the future.

• Big scrolling: The mighty union of the internet and mobile phones has made people habitual of scrolling, pushing the practice of 'clicking' out from the backyard. Today's audience swoons over those websites which offer everything on the first page itself. So, it's time to say goodbye to the tedious click-based navigation to find the requisite information, because big scrolling pages are here to charm the users. Not only do they allow dynamic interaction between the site and the users, but they also reduce the work on the viewers' part.

• Big backgrounds junked: There was a time when big, dazzling backgrounds scored full marks on the quality scale, but they have become irrelevant for the moment. Background images are neither here nor there in the contemporary web fashion. In this day and age, they are not looked at as a success mantra, but instead as something that throws a site in a muddle. The smart minds of the industry have done away with big backgrounds, and using large headers to grab the attention of the viewers. These headers are working excellently in the present day.

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• Simplicity in: It is the next trend on the countdown that has galvanised the web industry. This time, the computer wizards have decided to go simple, dropping all the futile concepts and baseless designing tactics. The industry is trying its best to maintain simplicity and planning minimal aesthetics in a fully-customised manner.

The designers have struck gold by discovering an approach which neither overloads a web page with lame elements nor makes it look lustreless. By saying 'no' to exaggeration, the website designing sector has won many hearts. So, there would be no pointless banners, designs and plugins to welcome the users. Just a plain layout with loads of elegance.

• Ghost menus: This is a booming trend of web design, absolutely engrossing in all regards. It is a stylish interface feature that works impressively, leaving more to the user's imagination. Ghost menus are used to grab attention in a subtle way. The navigation becomes pleasurable with an intelligent hovering mechanism, designed to catch the fancy of the users. Once it is placed in line with the imagery and videos, the site appears soothing to the eyes and notches up well for its appearance.

• Custom photography: If you have long relied on the stock imagery and are tired of picking up the same old pictures, we have pretty good news for you. The trend that has towered over everything is professional photography - inspiring, beautiful and riveting. No stock images are used in the design of the websites, but personalised photographs are employed to excite the fascination of the audience.

• Giant typography: Undeniably, typography greatly impacts on the usability of the websites as it gives gist to the overall aesthetics. Bolder and bigger typography not only attracts the eyeballs in a moment, but also emphasises the brand message. The web industry is going gaga over giant typography and the web developers are relying on it heavily for successful returns.

Big, emboldened letters are capable of roping in more customers as they are easily perceptible to the eyes. However, there is a fine distinction between the bad and good fonts. Designers must pour all their experience in deciding what font would complement the nature and type of the website.

• Responsive web design: We cannot give the powerful RWD a miss from the list. Most of the websites designed today are RWD-equipped, which means the websites are compatible with all the devices, be it tablets, smartphones or desktops. RWD is the buzzword of today and this trend is only going to rise in the future. The web industry is in complete control of the RWD as the Google recommends it. It is the proposed mobile configuration of the search giant. RWD is important to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition.

• Storytelling: Usually, designers are left with a small window when it comes to drawing attention. A rapid rise in the count of websites has made the job more difficult. Storytelling is a fast-evolving web trend to keep the audience engaged. It is interactive technology, where the content is presented in a story style to hook the audience. The trend is characterised by framing a compelling narrative that strengthens the originality of the websites.

These are the top-notch aesthetic trends pivoting the industry to new frontiers. They work effectively for boosting the usability of websites and are reaching new heights. These trends are worth exploring.

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