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Motsepe Advertising, a leader in B2B advertising

Born out of SA's leading lifestyle and entertainment PR agency, Motsepe Advertising is a leader in business-to-business advertising with a track record of putting women and youth at the helm of their brand story while simultaneously building business advantage and brand advocacy.
Motsepe Advertising, a leader in B2B advertising

Building brands, for us, includes corporates, small businesses and enterprises that want to break through the clutter and seek better opportunities to increase their leads and ultimately increase sales. "One of our most revered values of the business is that we pride ourselves in adding value to our client's marketing efforts while also immersing ourselves in being part of their culture," says Gee Motsepe, managing director at Motsepe Advertising.

In recent years, we have developed specialist ways of connecting with this market across digital playgrounds, giving the brands we work with an opportunity to transform their digital footprint and bring a fresh new look and life into their creative efforts.

Our business:

Our team includes creative-solid heads and wordsmiths who develop campaigns that tell authentic brand stories. We help companies creatively connect with their intended clientele base while helping:

  1. Weaponising the sales team with the tools they need to bring a customer closer to your till
  2. Helping you connect with the right audience and generating leads through targeted digital efforts, ultimately mitigating wastage of money and solving the quality over quantity discussions.

We offer a full range of services in the creative and digital spaces, namely:


Strategy is the heart of any successful digital and marketing campaign. We develop key business strategies aimed at helping you meet your business objectives. Our team brings a wealth of experience in digital and face-to-face advertising, and our strategic outputs speak for themselves.


We get this digital thing. We grasp how it works. From website development to setting up and managing your digital ecosystem, we can help you get your digital thing going too.


We house a group of young, super talented creatives passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary. Our creative team comprises graphic designers, multi-media designers and animators that can help you from developing your corporate identity to rolling out a complete branded campaign for both digital and print media.


From cinematography to television commercials to YouTube brand videos, our production experts ensure you get out the value you have put in.

For more information on Motsepe Advertising, contact:

  • Managing director – moc.gnisitrevdaepestom@eeg
  • Client service director – moc.gnisitrevdaepestom@olemutiob
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