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6 asset management trends to look out for

The asset management landscape continues to evolve with certain key trends - existing and new - driving the adaption of models and strategies.

By Bernard Drotschie & Stefan Viljoen 12 Apr 2021

The cryptocurrency revolution. What's the outlook for 2021?

The Bitcoin price has surged up to $60,000. There are a few influencing factors that have contributed to this phenomenal rise in the cryptocurrency's fortunes...

By Fred Razak 8 Apr 2021

State, business partnership vital for post-Covid recovery

The state and the private sector have important roles to play in South Africa's post-Covid recovery, but neither can be relied upon solely to pull the country out of its economic quagmire without the other...

30 Mar 2021

LNG production in Mozambique and the political risk of Islamic militancy

The Cabo Delgado province in the northernmost part of the long Mozambican seaboard is now home to Africa's three largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects...

By Theo Neethling 30 Mar 2021

Mozambican Competition Regulatory Authority now operational - what this means for business

Almost seven years after the promulgation of the competition legislation, the Competition Regulatory Authority (CRA) in Mozambique has became operational...

26 Mar 2021

Why India is banking on health diplomacy to grow African footprint

India has stepped up its global ambitions and foreign policy re-engagement with African countries in recent years. Its bilateral trade increased from $ in 2001 to $63bn in 2017/18...

By Dan Banik & Renu Modik 26 Mar 2021

Magda Wierzycka to step down as Sygnia CEO

Outspoken founder of Sygnia, Magda Wierzyka, will be handing over the reins of the multi-billion rand investment house to joint chief executive officer (CEO), David Hufton on 1 June 2021...

25 Mar 2021

Exeo Capital buys stake in Wellness Warehouse holding company

Exeo Capital has announced an investment into Maia Group, a holding company focused on consumer health businesses including Wellness Warehouse and True Health Holdings...

25 Mar 2021

Study: SA's post-Covid market risk raises red flags

A study to analyse global markets in the aftermath of Covid-19, shows that South Africa has raised red flags, along with the US, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, and Central and Southern Europe

25 Mar 2021

Remitano makes money transfer between South Africa and other countries easier and faster with new 'cash-out' feature

Due to the ever-increasing volume of money transfers across the globe, Remitano, a global escrow-marketplace, has just launched a smart, free, and safe approach for international money transfers...

Issued by Remitano 23 Mar 2021

3 shifts in the world of investment

The investment world looks very different today than even a year ago, which requires investors to move away from preconceived notions and adapt to the new reality. Here are three changes to watch out for...

By Robin Parkbrook 23 Mar 2021

Business lessons from Beethoven

"For the last three years my hearing has grown steadily weaker ... in the theatre I have to get very close to the orchestra to understand the performers, and ... from a distance I do not hear the high notes of the instruments and the singers' voices."...

By Mel Meltzer 19 Mar 2021

Why you need to consider PoPI during M&A deals

If you're considering an M&A deal currently or in the future, PoPI should definitely be at top of the list in terms of due diligence and integration...

By Louella Tindale 16 Mar 2021

An offshore endowment may just be the 'safe choice' local investors seek

This year's National Budget Speech, delivered in February by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, has been keeping analysts busy as they unpack the details of the country's economic plans...

Issued by Discovery Invest 16 Mar 2021

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