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Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

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    TNPA addresses Al Kuwait livestock carrier concerns at Cape Town Port

    In response to concerns over the docking of the livestock carrier, Al Kuwait, at the Port of Cape Town, Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) took action to do a comprehensive assessment, considering animal welfare and safety. Al Kuwait docked on 18 February 2024; this docking aimed at securing essential supplies and conducting medical examinations and care for the animals on board.
    Source: vecstock via
    Source: vecstock via Freepik

    TNPA collaborated with the state veterinarian, Port Health, and the Maritime Security Coordination Centre to ensure a holistic approach to the situation. Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town condemned the dire conditions on the Al Kuwait ship after SPCA officials, following a court order, revealed disturbing conditions.

    "We are appreciative of these proactive efforts by SPCA officials to assess conditions on the ship. The City has further called on the Ports Authority and Border Management Authority to monitor any unlawful discharges of waste from the ship into the harbour. So far no instances of this have been confirmed.

    "The City will be further engaging authorities to offer any support within our jurisdiction," said Councillor Patricia van der Ross, Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health.

    A subsequent NSPCA inspection, in collaboration with the Cape of Good Hope SPCA from 18 February to 20 February, uncovered distressing scenes on the vessel. Animals endured extreme conditions, leading to the humane euthanisation of eight cows and the discovery of others found dead. Dr Bryce Marock, NSPCA Veterinary Consultant, provided veterinary treatment to surviving animals.

    Legislative reform

    The NSPCA underscored the inhumane practices of live animal exports by sea, advocating for legislative reform and global awareness to end such cruelty. The organisation thanked the South African government for allowing the ship to dock for essential purposes and called for the establishment of robust regulations on animal exports.

    Expressing gratitude for public support, both locally and internationally, the NSPCA collaborated with Animals Australia in their joint commitment to ending animal exploitation in commerce.

    Port Health and the State Vet Directorate for Animal Health cleared the vessel, managing potential health issues. TNPA continues close collaboration with relevant parties, including the NSPCA, to monitor animal well-being and address risks.

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