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3 key contributions HR can make toward successful leadership

A wise man once said, “Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”
Image source: Dzianis Apolka –
Image source: Dzianis Apolka –

According to global analytics and advisory firm Gallup, 24% of employees are actively disengaged because of poor management - leading to teams that are less productive, less profitable and more likely to cause turnover. The resulting turnover adds up quick, translating into nearly two times the annual salary of every employee who quits.

Many of the issues we face in the work environment will require collaboration to resolve at some level, or even manage.

So, one of the main outputs is to bring any group of people together, help them be successful and productive to meet the organisations goals. Now this is a meaty remark, and chockful of nuggets, regarding how HR contributes towards leadership success – and by breaking it down bit-by-bit, key takeaways can be found. These can be broken down further in three parts, which are the following:

The "any group of people" part

Talent management is vital and human resources (HR) is always looking at ways to improve it. This can be done through the interview and selection process, as well as through technology that assists in making the process smoother.

The policies around the process include reference checking, background checks and personality profiling - which is arguably the most important. Personality profiling contributes towards the following:

  • Self-awareness: Personality profiling reveals your strengths and weaknesses, fostering self-discovery. By understanding your own personality traits, you gain insights into how you think, feel, and behave. This self-awareness empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate life more effectively.
  • Improved relationships: When you understand others’ personalities, you can enhance interactions and resolve conflicts more effectively. Whether in personal relationships or professional settings, recognising different personality types allows you to adapt your communication style and build stronger connections.
  • Effective communication: Each person has a unique configuration of personality traits. By recognising these traits, you can adapt your communication style to connect with people on a deeper level. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues, managing a team, or building personal relationships. Effective communication is essential for success.

Personality profiles provide valuable insights into behaviour, motivations, and interpersonal dynamics. They serve as a foundational pillar for better self-awareness, empathy, and successful interactions with others.

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Unpacking the integrated talent management framework - part 1

  31 Oct 2023

The "help them be successful and productive" bit

Succession planning, learning and development, wellness, reward and recognition – all these initiatives contribute towards the success of teams.

In any organisation there are several teams, and HR is responsible for assisting all those teams. There are several tools that are available to accomplish this, including:

  • Scorecard reviews
  • Probation reviews
  • Training needs analysis
  • Personal development plans
  • Wellness programmes
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Reward programmes
  • Recognition programmes
  • Remuneration committee
  • Culture committee
  • EE committee
  • Leadership programmes
  • Onboarding
  • Job descriptions

HR can’t step in and manage the teams for the leadership - however, it is responsible for ensuring that all the processes and procedures are followed.

The "meet the organisation’s goals" part

HR is responsible for contributing to the overall company strategy and understanding where the organisation wishes to go, as well as communicating and embedding the set strategy so all employees buy into the vision of the company.

Having an overall holistic approach to both the business and employees is where HR contributes the most. So, when HR is on top of all these initiatives – it’s truly partnering with businesses to ensure that they can meet their goals, are sustainable and can grow. Heads, hearts, and hands!

About Carys Visser

Carys Visser, Head of People at insights-led emerging markets consultancy Matte BLK

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