Advertising Video South Africa

CIPLA Humancare Barney

“Cipla are an amazing pharma company who truly care for life and want people to live it to its fullest. We’re excited to tell the stories of 3 incredible South Africans who have lived long and wonderful lives and were willing to share their experiences and wisdom with us – so we can do the same. McCann1886 are very proud of the work we have co-created with Cipla, Life Design and the entire team; and hope that everyone who sees them are as touched by these moving stories as we were.” - Stuart Stobbs, Chief creative officer: McCann 1886.

Director/Producer Linda Notelovitz, Director's Assistant Giovanna Winetzki, DP Alard de Smit, Wardrobe & Styling by David Hutt, Edited by Nic Goodwin (TFPP), Grade by Nic Apostoli, Online Artist Simone De Ruyck (TFPP), Post Produced by Lisa Haw, Original Song written & created by Adam Howard with Final Mix by Sean Williams (Sterling Sound).

Thanks also to Stuart Stobbs, Jacqui Mendelssohn, Jeremy Veitch & Maggie Post from MCCANN1886, and to the team from CIPLA.
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