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Mike Adsetts, deputy chief investment office, Momentum Investments
A systematic approach to ESG investing imperative to manage costly trade offsArticle

With Covid-19 having accelerated the need for socio-economic development, sustainability and societal impact continue to gain traction and recognition among the investment management and investor communities alike...

3 days ago

Ntonbifuthi Ntuli, CEO, Sawea
Energy developments bode well for renewablesArticle

While the country continues to struggle with the crippling effects of prolonged load shedding, recent indicators point to a light at the end of the tunnel that is lit by renewable energy...

14 Sep 2020

Ryan Collyer, acting CEO of Rosatom Central and Southern Africa
Africa's economic prosperity depends on inclusive energy mixArticle

Energy sustainability is not just an opportunity to transform societies and grow economies, it is also a necessity - a prerequisite to meet Africa's growing energy demand and to reduce the global carbon footprint...

19 Aug 2020

Covid-19 heats up energy transition in Africa
Covid-19 heats up energy transition in AfricaArticle

Covid-19 has amplified the existential crisis facing the fossil fuel industries, and has potentially accelerated the global transition to cleaner energies, with far-reaching consequences for economies in sub-Saharan Africa...

18 Aug 2020

How to prepare for an out-of-town trip during Covid-19
How to prepare for an out-of-town trip during Covid-19Article

Now that summer is here, one of the things people are thinking about is a road trip. But with the threat of the coronavirus, travel safety takes on a new meaning...

Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 4 Aug 2020

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Digitalisation and Africa's renewable energy sector post-CovidArticle

Clean energy and the innovative technologies that accompany it, represent a critical catalyst for the continent's economic recovery from the Covid pandemic, ultimately making a prominent mark on Africa's energy sector in a post-Covid world...

4 Aug 2020

Energy isn't just electricity - the common mistake obscuring the mammoth task of decarbonisationArticle

One of the first things I teach students is the difference between energy and electricity. Electricity is a particular form of energy, but often the two words are used interchangeably...

George Loumakis 31 Jul 2020

Niveshen Govender, chief operating officer, Sapvia.
Solar energy body responds to Mantashe's budget speechArticle

There is no need to go back to the drawing board. Players in the renewables sector are ready to implement new generation capacity and get bid window 5 of the REIPPPP underway...

28 Jul 2020

The hydropower potential at the Grand Inga site on the Congo River, the largest remaining untapped hydropower potential in the world.
Why wind and solar would offer the DRC and South Africa better energy deals than Inga 3Article

Seven years ago the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) proposed the Inga 3 - a 4.8GW hydropower project on the Congo River - with great fanfare...

Grace C Wu & Ranjit Deshmukh 24 Jul 2020

Image: Getty/Gallo
Covid-19 crisis highlights the need for renewable energy systems and a bigger role for renewablesArticle

Covid-19 has led to a global decline in electricity demand as commercial and industrial activity slows and people work from home...

22 Jul 2020

Africa's distributed renewable energy sector still dominated by foreign players
Africa's distributed renewable energy sector still dominated by foreign playersArticle

The distributed renewable energy sector in Africa has grown rapidly since 2013, but it has so far failed to include locally-owned companies and initiatives...

21 Jul 2020

De-risking investments to boost Africa's renewable energy transition
De-risking investments to boost Africa's renewable energy transitionArticle

Africa has experienced a decade of positive socio-economic growth, supported by a continued progress of electricity access that finally outpaced population growth between 2014 and 2018...

16 Jul 2020

Toufik Khitous, business development manager for North Africa, Wärtsilä Energy Business
How Egypt banks on renewables to meet expected surge of energy demandArticle

To meet its soaring demand for energy, Egypt is turning to renewable sources. Its targets, if accomplished, will see it become a pioneer in the African energy landscape. But are the plans realistic?

Toufik Khitous 15 Jul 2020

Boitumelo Kiepile, head of regulatory affairs, Enel.
The role of renewable energy in a post Covid-19 economic recoveryArticle

For the past few months, the world has been feeling the impact of Covid-19 and, with many countries under lockdown, the economic ramifications have already been serious...

Boitumelo Kiepile 13 Jul 2020

Image: Wikipedia
Negotiating a just transition from coalArticle

It has been over three years since Eskom announced the imminent closure of five of its coal-fired power stations...

10 Jul 2020

Electric vehicles could add to carbon emissions and load shedding: but there's a solution
Electric vehicles could add to carbon emissions and load shedding: but there's a solutionArticle

South Africa's well positioned to adopt electric vehicles but this isn't a solution in itself because the vehicles would still depend on electricity generated from carbon-emitting coal power stations...

MJ (Thinus) Booysen and Mark Apperley 10 Jul 2020

Report proposes an alternative plan for SA's energy transformation
Report proposes an alternative plan for SA's energy transformationArticle

The words "Eskom", "publicly owned", and "energy monopoly" have become expletives in their own right in South Africa's energy debate...

9 Jul 2020

Chris Yelland
Renewables investors and municipalities must give ground to resolves SA's electricity crisisArticle

At a recent European Union-facilitated webinar into the generation of electricity by private sector and individuals, which I moderated, many attendees lamented the charges that municipalities levy on individuals and businesses that had, or were interested in, generating their own electricity. ..

Chris Yelland 6 Jul 2020

South Africa can’t afford new nuclear infrastructure with state funds in these times of budget shortfalls and ballooning debt. GettyImages
Interpreting the South African government's mixed messages on nuclear powerArticle

On 14 June the South African Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy issued a controversial statement initiating a process that could lead to the construction of new nuclear power station...

Hartmut Winkler 2 Jul 2020

Ville Rimali
Without flexibility, the energy revolution in Africa will not take placeArticle

It is no longer arguable that the energy transition integrating renewable energies into the grid is a reality that is unfolding globally...

Ville Rimali 25 Jun 2020

Mongezi Veti, executive head:sustainability, Exxaro
Towards a sustainable low-carbon futureArticle

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken us back to a time where the world didn't have poor air quality and greenhouse gases. As countries worldwide went into lockdown, a noticeable difference in our environment began to emerge.

Mongezi Veti 25 Jun 2020

Ryan Collyer, acting CEO Rosatom Central and Southern Africa
Small modular reactors a feasible option for sub-Saharan AfricanArticle

While renewable sources of energy are dependent on weather conditions, nuclear power supply is consistently regular and reliable, and therefore attracting interest across Africa...

23 Jun 2020

Wind power in SA's post-Covid economic recovery
Wind power in SA's post-Covid economic recoveryArticle

The South African government needs to accelerate the implementation of its renewable-energy-heavy Integrated Resource Plan 2019 (IRP 2019) as part of the country's post-Covid-19 economic recovery package...

22 Jun 2020

Energy storage technology will make blackouts in Africa ancient history
Energy storage technology will make blackouts in Africa ancient historyArticle

How can African countries build an electrical system that can both integrate a large amount of inexpensive, but intermittent, renewable energy, while at the same time ensure resiliency for the continent's blackout-prone grids?

Risto Paldanius 17 Jun 2020

The demand of power in West Africa is rising. Sebastian Sterl
How West Africa can expand power supply and meet climate goalsArticle

Not too long ago, when the idea of solar and wind energy was still hotly debated, critics used to point out the limitations of these energy sources: the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow...

Sebastian Sterl & Robert Brecha 5 Jun 2020

Energy investment opportunities that can drive Sustainable Development Goals
Energy investment opportunities that can drive Sustainable Development GoalsArticle

The term 'crisis' is used all too frequently but unfortunately it is often accurate, whether it's the Covid-19 global pandemic affecting us all or socio-economic crises that impact individual countries...

Alan Sproule 3 Jun 2020

Renewables are here to stay and grow
Renewables are here to stay and growArticle

According to the International Energy Agency, 72% of all installed power capacity globally in 2019 originated from renewable energy, and it expects it to grow in 2020, despite the pandemic...

Nicci Botha 1 Jun 2020

Coronavirus: an architect on how the pandemic could change our homes forever
Coronavirus: an architect on how the pandemic could change our homes foreverArticle

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, our homes have been serving as makeshift workplaces, schools, gyms and pubs...

Tara Hipwood 27 May 2020

The case for turning South Africa's coal fields into a renewable energy hubArticle

South Africa is currently one of the world's largest carbon emitters. And it's increasingly being viewed as a pariah that isn't contributing as much as it could to the international fight against global warming and climate change...

Hartmut Winkler 26 May 2020

3 energy trends for data centres
3 energy trends for data centresArticle

In 2017, a group of researchers estimated global data centres could use 25% of the world's electricity by 2025. This is more electricity than any country in the world...

22 May 2020

Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO, Sawea
Renewable energy a key component of SA's economic recoveryArticle

It is expected that the energy demand will start ramping up as the country eases the lockdown and additional energy capacity will be required...

19 May 2020

The first two of 24 new solar and wind farms under construction were completed in February but there’s still a long way to go to boost electricity supply. GettyImages
Power shortages will remain a big challenge in a post-Covid-19 South AfricaArticle

The decline in economic activity precipitated by the spread of Covid-19 and ensuing lockdown in South Africa is also affecting the country's electricity supply dynamics...

Hartmut Winkler 24 Apr 2020

10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdown
10 ways to stay connected on Biz during lockdownArticle

Self-isolation, lockdowns, working remotely and physical distancing can get you down. Bizcommunity is the daily 'virtual commute' that brings you closer to 19 industry communities...

Issued by 15 Apr 2020

Powering South Africa
Powering South AfricaArticle

For years, Africa's most developed economy has struggled with power generation and supply, as load shedding and power cuts have stifled economic growth...

15 Apr 2020

Dr Fatih Birol
What current global challenges are teaching us about energy developmentArticle

The current Covid-19 pandemic, and its global and ubiquitous disruption, is delivering a seemingly constant stream of new challenges to our way of life...

9 Apr 2020

Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of Sawea
CTF losses PPA appealArticle

The Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed the case brought by the Coal Transporters Forum (CTF) to set aside power purchase agreements (PPA's) with preferred bidders...

16 Mar 2020

Dr Angela Wilkinson, secretary general of the World Energy Council
Are we heading for a modern jazz, unfinished symphony or hard rock energy transition?Article

There is no one-size-fits-all solution with energy transition, but we also don't need to reinvent the wheel every time, says Dr Angela Wilkinson, the World Energy Council (WEC) secretary general and CEO...

Nicci Botha 9 Mar 2020

Source: Mercom India
#energyindaba: eSwatini works on energy independenceArticle

The tiny Kingdom of eSwatini has developed a comprehensive long-term energy master plan based on renewable energy to reduce its dependency on its neighbours for its electricity supply...

Nicci Botha 5 Mar 2020

Kandeh Yumkellah
#energyindaba: Africa's energy transition must focus on fairness, wealth creation, jobsArticle

Africa has the will to transition to more sustainable energy, but the emphasis must be on a just process...

Nicci Botha 5 Mar 2020

Iage source: Getty/Gallo
The role of SSEGs and municipalities in long-term energy resilienceArticle

In an attempt to move away from centralised generation and distribution monopolies, we are seeing governments and power generators embrace more localised and integrated electricity systems...

Mohammed Patel 28 Feb 2020

How heat can be used to store renewable energy
How heat can be used to store renewable energyArticle

The effect that fossil fuels are having on the climate emergency is driving an international push to use low-carbon sources of energy...

Antoine Koen and Pau Farres Antunez 27 Feb 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Environmental considerations for self-generation regimeArticle

Besides the obviouts dialogue about legislative amendments needed for mining companies to generate their own power, there is also the question of whether the minister consulted with other relevant departments in ensuring this policy decision is given due effect...

Gillian Niven & Paula-Ann Novotny 18 Feb 2020

Most proposed solutions don’t address the systemic problems facing Eskom, in particular its parlous finances. Shutterstock
South Africa's energy crisis has triggered lots of ideas: why most are wrongArticle

Since late last year South Africans have, once again, been subjected to power cuts by the power utility, Eskom. The need for what's called loadshedding - planned power outages - led to the recent resignation of Eskom's chairperson and a flurry of concern about the current and future reliability of electricity supply...

Seán Mfundza Muller & Mike Muller 23 Jan 2020

Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO, Sawea
Sawea welcomes market-friendly approachArticle

The South African Wind Energy Association (Sawea) supports the proposed market-friendly approach to the country's constrained energy supply, but strongly states that implementing the IRP 2019 should remain an imperative...

22 Jan 2020

#BFGlobal500: Amazon breaks $200bn mark, still world's most valuable brand
#BFGlobal500: Amazon breaks $200bn mark, still world's most valuable brandArticle

Amazon makes history as the first brand in Brand Finance Global 500 ranking to exceed $200bn value mark and retains title of world's most valuable brand for the third consecutive year...

22 Jan 2020

Seydou Kane, managing director, Eaton South Africa
Effective storage solutions essential to a successful Eskom turnaroundArticle

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) gazetted in October 2019 emphasises that South Africa will continue to pursue a diversified energy mix that reduces reliance on limited primary energy resources...

Seydou Kane 21 Jan 2020

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