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Heritable genome editing not yet ready to be tried safely and effectively in humans
Heritable genome editing not yet ready to be tried safely and effectively in humansArticle

Heritable genome edits can be passed down to future generations, raising not only scientific and medical considerations but also a host of ethical, moral, and societal issues...

10 Sep 2020

Nigerian scientists are working to better understand coronavirus. African Center of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Disease
Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2: why it mattersArticle

By the first week of August 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic had caused about 654,000 deaths worldwide...

Christian Happi 7 Sep 2020

Normal blood cells (left) and the blood cells in sickle cell disease, which do not flow through the circulatory system smoothly. Credit: Darryl Leja, NHGRI (CC BY 2.0)
UCT professor's research offers hope of treatment for sickle cell anaemiaArticle

A study performed in Cameroon by a University of Cape Town professor may offer hope of treatment for people with sickle cell anaemia (SCA), a disease which affects hundreds of thousands in Africa...

Elsabé Brits 3 Sep 2020

Rwanda's Covid-19 pool testing: a savvy option where there's low viral prevalenceArticle

Many countries in East Africa have turned to contact tracing and carrying out Covid-19 tests on thousands of individuals as a way of monitoring and trying to limit transmissions of the new coronavirus. In Rwanda, they have been investigating how they can scale up testing significantly...

Leon Mutesa 3 Jul 2020

Reimagining labour at the dawn of 4IR
Reimagining labour at the dawn of 4IRArticle

Before the industrial revolution of the 1780s, most of Europe's population served as indentured labour for a small group of nobles and royals that owned the land. The advent of mass mechanisation changed that picture by creating a new mechanism to share wealth beyond the top stratum of society...

Thando Gobe 1 Jun 2020

Looking to science for food security solutions
Looking to science for food security solutionsArticle

Considering the IP and legal implications of gene editing...

Chyreene Truluck 27 May 2020

A researcher performs a CRISPR/Cas9 process at the Max-Delbrueck-Centre for Molecular Medicine in Germany . Gregor Fischer/picture alliance via Getty Images
Covid-19 and gene editing: ethical and legal considerationsArticle

Researchers are racing against time to find ways to treat and prevent Covid-19. There is currently no treatment for the disease, and the World Health Organisation has created Solidarity, a global clinical trial which is testing four drugs as possible treatment...

Sheetal Soni 25 May 2020

Getty Images.
Lockdowns and research: what we lost and what we stand to gainArticle

The Covid-19 pandemic - and the resulting lockdowns - have had a major impact on research at institutions across the world, and universities in particular...

Stephanie G Burton & Michael Sean Pepper 13 May 2020

Professor Renata Schoeman
What is our right to health?Article

The public health crisis resulting from Covid-19 has not only turned the spotlight on the basic human right of access to healthcare, but also on the need for people to take personal responsibility for their health...

5 May 2020

Collaboration is crucial for scientists to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic. Getty Images
Coronavirus: never been a more compelling time for African scientists to work togetherArticle

Amid the rising number of deaths from Covid-19, political leadership, health systems and scientific prowess is being tested locally and internationally. The pandemic provides an opportunity for innovation and new scientific discoveries...

Salome Maswime, Collet Dandara & Sudesh Sivarasu 22 Apr 2020

A man being tested as he takes part in an ophthalmological study and examination. Tony Karumba/AFP via Getty Images
How African genetic studies offer hope for preventing a common cause of blindnessArticle

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in the world. It's estimated that by 2040 there will be about 112-million people in the world with glaucoma - mostly in Africa and Asia. The best that medical science can do at present is identify it early and slow or halt its progression...

Susan Williams 22 Apr 2020

The work that’s done in research institutes and labs is crucial. nhungboon/Shutterstock
Investing in research is South Africa's best insurance policy against crisesArticle

As the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads around the world, causing the disease Covid-19, it is becoming ever clearer that the solutions to this pandemic will all be based on research...

Brenda Wingfield 9 Apr 2020

More clinical trials in African countries can help ensure that any vaccines or treatments developed cater to the continent’s genetic diversity. CELLOU BINANI/AFP via Getty Images
Few clinical trials are done in Africa: Covid-19 shows why this urgently needs to changeArticle

The World Health Organisation (WHO), in its quest to find efficacious therapies to treat Covid-19, plans to conduct a multi-arm, multi-country clinical trial...

Jenniffer Mabuka-Maroa 7 Apr 2020

Truth is stranger than fiction in documentary Three Identical Strangers
Truth is stranger than fiction in documentary Three Identical StrangersArticle

What if you had a secret sibling you never knew existed? What if you had two? The much-talked-about documentary movie, Three Identical Strangers, now streaming on Showmax, poses these questions and many more...

Issued by MultiChoice Connected Video 31 Mar 2020

Many genetic abnormalities involve the oral and dental region of the face. Shutterstock
Dentists in South Africa aren't being taught genetics. Why they shouldArticle

Genetic and genomic research has improved our understanding of the genetic origin of growth, development and disease and affects all areas of healthcare...

Manogari Chetty 11 Feb 2020

From CBD to 'catios' - 5 pet care trends for 2020
From CBD to 'catios' - 5 pet care trends for 2020Article

The pet care industry continues to grow at a rapid rate fuelled by a rise in pet parenting across the globe...

10 Feb 2020

David A. Litman/Shutterstock
Genetic secrets of almost 2,700 cancers unveiled by landmark international projectArticle

Scientists have revealed the detailed genetic makeup of thousands of cancer samples, yielding new insights into the genes that drive the many and varied forms of the disease...

Melissa Southey 6 Feb 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
New study sheds light on genetics of schizophrenia in South AfricaArticle

Schizophrenia affects approximately 1% of people in all parts of the world and is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide...

2 Feb 2020

Image source: Getty/Gallo
'Ageotypes' provide window into how individuals ageArticle

How humans age can be categorised into different classes dubbed "ageotypes," reports a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine...

Hanae Armitage 30 Jan 2020

Human gene editing: who decides the rules?Article

Gene editing technology allows scientists to make changes to an organism's DNA. It has made it possible to create cattle without horns, tomatoes that ripen slowly over time, and even mosquitoes that are incapable of transmitting malaria...

Sheetal Soni 16 Jan 2020

Africa's genetic material is still being misusedArticle

Biodiversity - the variation in all living organisms - is one of Africa's richest assets. As a result, its genetic material is coveted by scientists, biotechnology companies and research institutes globally...

Keymanthri Moodley 9 Jan 2020

Lemurs are the world's most endangered mammals, but planting trees can help save them
Lemurs are the world's most endangered mammals, but planting trees can help save themArticle

The island of Madagascar off the southeastern coast of Africa hosts at least 12,000 plant species and 700 vertebrate species, 80% to 90% of which are found nowhere else on Earth...

Andrea L. Baden 24 Dec 2019

We are using computer models to fight drug resistanceArticle

The infectious disease burden in Africa is very high, particularly for tuberculosis (TB), malaria and HIV/Aids...

Ozlem Tastan Bishop 13 Dec 2019

Who are SA's top 5 most exciting startups for 2019?
Who are SA's top 5 most exciting startups for 2019?Article

Cape Town Startup Week 2019 rounded off on a celebratory note with the final event announcing 'SA's Top 5 Most Exciting Startups 2019'...

6 Dec 2019

What we've learnt from building Africa's biggest genome libraryArticle

The human genome was first sequenced in 2003 by multiple research centres across the world. The breakthrough was hailed as the dawn of a new era...

Deepti Gurdasani, Ayesha Motala, Pontiano Kaleebu & Segun Fatumo 4 Dec 2019

Enhance your wellbeing with DR+SWISS
Enhance your wellbeing with DR+SWISSArticle

SA's most premium range of CBD Oil products formulated from harvesting Europe's finest hemp crops combined with the latest in Swiss extraction technology to ensure the utmost purity...

Issued by OnPoint PR 28 Nov 2019

Lee-Ann Liebenberg launches new health and wellness brand
Lee-Ann Liebenberg launches new health and wellness brandArticle

Lee-Ann Liebenberg is launching a new health and wellness brand called DR+SWISS, a range of products that contains premium CBD oils sourced from Switzerland, into the South African market...

Issued by OnPoint PR 28 Nov 2019

Jarun Ontakrai/Shutterstock
Men over 40 with faulty BRCA2 gene should be tested annually for prostate cancerArticle

Scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, are calling for annual blood tests to detect aggressive prostate cancer in men who have a fault in the BRCA2 gene...

Michael Porter 8 Nov 2019

Genetic studies need to be more diverse.
Most genetic studies use only white participants - this will lead to greater health inequalityArticle

Few areas of science have seen such a dramatic development in the last decade as genomics. It is now possible to read the genomes of millions of people in so-called genome-wide association studies...

Karoline Kuchenbaecker Evangelos Vassos & Roseann Peterson 16 Oct 2019

Shannon Mowday. Image credit: CF Wesenberg.
#MusicExchange: Shannon MowdayArticle

In Cape Town, this weekend, Shannon Mowday's Lila will be on at the Nassau Centre, Groote Schuur High School, Palmyra Road, Newlands...

Martin Myers 25 Sep 2019

Charnelle Paulse founder of Charnelle Paulse Curve School. Image supplied.
#StartupStory: Charnelle Paulse on starting the world's first curve modelling schoolArticle

Plus-size model Charnelle Paulse recently launched Charnelle Paulse Curve School - the first-ever curve modelling school in Cape Town (and potentially in the world)...

Juanita Pienaar 19 Sep 2019

'Don't buy cannabis off the streets,' advises Vape Store founder
'Don't buy cannabis off the streets,' advises Vape Store founderArticle

Even though the Constitutional Court decriminalised cannabis for personal use, the informal sale of it poses some danger to the uninformed consumer, says The Vape Store founder Nicola Malvicini...

21 Aug 2019

"I am Caster. Caster is me."
"I am Caster. Caster is me."Article

Showing how much South Africans care about Caster Semenya wasn't the initial objective Amy Carmichael and Leigh Crymble had when they started their research...

Amy Carmichael and Leigh Crymble 2 Aug 2019

Electron micrograph of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, the cause of TB. Photo: NIAID via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
South African researchers develop quicker way to detect drug resistanceArticle

It is crucial to monitor patients taking the new drug for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), bedaquiline, to prevent resistance...

Elsabé Brits 11 Jul 2019

Winners of the 2018/19 Science Oscars
Winners of the 2018/19 Science OscarsArticle

The NSTF-South32 Awards - known as the 'Science Oscars' - were held at a prestigious gala dinner in Gauteng on Thursday, 27 June 2019...

3 Jul 2019

Euan Ashley and his collaborators were able to compare tissue from healthy hearts with that of failing hearts, and have discovered how genes network as the heart fails. Photo:
Steve Fisch
Gene networks reveal transition from healthy to failing heartArticle

Scientists investigating heart failure have been limited to studying diseased heart tissue in the lab - understandably, as people don't tend to pluck out a healthy heart for the sake of research...

Hanae Armitage 3 Jul 2019

Christina Curtis and her colleagues found that colon cancer tumours could potentially spread to other parts of the body much earlier than previously known.
Paul Sakuma
Most metastatic colorectal cancers have spread before diagnosisArticle

Up to 80% of metastatic colorectal cancers are likely to have spread to distant locations in the body before the original tumour has exceeded the size of a poppy seed...

25 Jun 2019

Researchers set sights on cataloguing the genetic diversity of insects pestering SA olives
Researchers set sights on cataloguing the genetic diversity of insects pestering SA olivesArticle

A genetic catalogue of the insect pests found on wild and cultivated olive tree species in South Africa is being compiled by a small team of geneticists in the Faculty of AgriSciences at Stellenbosch University and their South African and overseas collaborators...

Engela Duvenage 12 Jun 2019

Conservation and biodiversity - the upside of mine rehabilitation
Conservation and biodiversity - the upside of mine rehabilitationArticle

Anglo American Coal's Isibonelo Colliery is emerging as a powerful case study for how rehabilitated landscapes can play an important role in conservation and biodiversity...

5 Jun 2019

Mycobacterium tuberculosis under the microscope.
SU researchers study resistance to 'protect' new TB drugArticle

Scientists from Stellenbosch University (SU), in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians, are working on how Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB), can develop resistance to Bedaquiline...

3 Jun 2019

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge on his way to wining the London Marathon in April 2019. EPA-EFE/Facundo Arrizabalaga
Kipchoge's marathon success remains a mystery: some clues from my researchArticle

Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge is undoubtedly the greatest marathoner of the modern age. He has won 11 of the 12 marathons he has competed in...

Vincent O Onywera 27 May 2019

Professor Soraya Bardien, Dr Handri Walters, Professor Leslie Swartz, Professor Jonathan Jansen and Professor Jimmy Volmink
Tackling the issue of race in researchArticle

More than 450 staff members, students and other stakeholders attended a symposium at Stellenbosch University's (SU) Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) to o reflect on the appropriateness of race-based research...

24 May 2019

andrewhagen via
Winetech winner to compete in Africa CupArticle

The SA Innovation Summit, Africa's biggest start-up event, has announced that the winner of the Winetech Pitching Den will gain automatic entry to the finals of the Africa Cup. Entries for the Winetech Pitching Den close on 3 June 2019...

22 May 2019

The crux of King's presentation. Image via .
#DigitalAgencyShowcase: Lessons on idea-led ideas with King James GroupArticle

In the final session of Red & Yellow School's #digitalagencyshowcase, King James Group co-founder Alistair King shared his 'secret sauce' on the thinking that keeps them top of the Loeries and IAB Bookmarks' digital agency rankings in South Africa...

Leigh Andrews 20 May 2019

SA student excels in global award for wood-based project
SA student excels in global award for wood-based projectArticle

The research projects, presented in Vancouver, Canada to industry executives at the ICFPA-hosted international CEO Roundtable, were judged against the theme of disruptive technologies that can revolutionise the future of forest-based products and services...

20 May 2019

Contraceptives, could it be increasing the risk of breast, ovarian cancer?
Contraceptives, could it be increasing the risk of breast, ovarian cancer?Article

According to the American Cancer Society, around two out of three breast cancers are hormone receptor-positive; this means that the cancer cells grow in response to oestrogen and/or progesterone...

6 May 2019

Malaria detection campaign in the Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina-Faso) in collaboration with the Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé. Elena
#WorldMalariaDay: What we're doing in Burkina-Faso to help stop itArticle

Malaria has been a terrible disease throughout human history. Deaths actually peaked over five million in the 1930s and it spread all over the world...

Elena Gómez Díaz 25 Apr 2019

The evolution of branding through the digital agency
The evolution of branding through the digital agencyArticle

One of the most valuable assets for any business, no matter its size or sector, is its brand. In light of this Desiree Gullan shares her thoughts on the evolution of branding through a digital agency...

Desiree Gullan 22 Apr 2019

Creep feeding gives sheep farmers the edge
Creep feeding gives sheep farmers the edgeArticle

In the contemporary agricultural landscape, scientific advances help farmers boost production, good genetics are available and affordable, additional infrastructure improves margins and management is geared towards marketing the maximum number of lambs...

10 Apr 2019

Image source: Getty/Gallo
Understanding the cause of irreversible blindness in East AfricaArticle

Research into a common eye condition in East Africa which causes irreversible vision loss is receiving vital funding from the eye research charity Fight for Sight, in partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth)...

9 Apr 2019

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