Derek runs ACME, South Africa's network for independent publishers and consults to established companies in optimising their digital businesses. He would like to see a healthy media ecosystem where media, brands and advertisers can thrive; where foreign and corporate control of our digital media is limited; where free speech allows us to build the society we believe in; and the introduction of a new ethic that will portray our industry as one of virtue and value.

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How different is Big Tech from State Capture?

If advertising is about enabling choice, why is Business SA out of ideas? Approximately 90% of every rand spent on digital advertising finds its way into the tubes that keep Silicon Valley's lights on, by way of an Irish holiday...

By Derek Abdinor 8 Oct 2019

Time to tax Big Tech big time

As Big Tech squirms under unwelcome attention from US lawmakers, Europe is seizing the opportunity to follow, poking the behemoths to pay reasonable taxes that had been circumvented for years. Of course, this angers US President Trump, who will start a trade war at the donning of a hat. But is this huffing and puffing not the signal for South Africa to stand up and present an invoice for its lost revenues?...

By Derek Abdinor 1 Oct 2019

Big Tech squeezes into small shoes as it denies being anti-trust

Public commissions of inquiry always seem to backfire. The inquisitional atmosphere is designed to evince a confession: the raised podium of the panel, the cameras, the meaningful pauses, the constant rephrasing. But as theatre gives way to farce it reveals that the asymmetry goes the other way - power lies with what the defendant chooses to disclose...

By Derek Abdinor 23 Sep 2019

Of foxes and paradoxes in the media henhouse

Future historians may well scramble to understand what was going on at the Media Freedom Conference in London and the simultaneous Social Media summit at the White House (held earlier this year in July). They will surely be confounded by media policy in the post-broadcast era by looking at these two events. And they will struggle to reconcile what is claimed to be policy against what is actually practised on the ground...

By Derek Abdinor 17 Sep 2019

Investor relations from here on in

Corporate transparency is the winner after every market correction - from the 1930's New Deal laws through to King II and Sarbanes-Oxley. Being involved in your company's investor relations/corporate affairs section, this will affect how you communicate to the markets and even internally.

By Derek Abdinor 31 Oct 2008

Investor relations online: it's a niche thing

Creating and managing investor relations (IR) websites is a great exercise in fulfillment. You have a captive audience of institutional investors, shareholders, analysts, journalists and students that scour your domain and you can manage all of their informational requirements with some careful planning and design.

By Derek Abdinor 30 Apr 2008

Hypersonic advertising is pitched

Special loudspeakers can direct an audio message to one person in a crowd, leading to marketing opportunities that have been used to some success in the US. The scenario: you walk down a street and into a sound beam, hearing an advertising pitch that is audible only to those within the beam (a few square metres or as small as two square metres). If it's an ad for Kauai and there is one around the next corner, well... you get the picture.

By Derek Abdinor 30 Jan 2008

Paying attention

In the precursor to this article, An economy of attention, I explained how the attention that web users distribute among web sites is of value to the users themselves as well as to the website owner. Attention is a commodity to be traded on the web. Now we'll see how organisations should court and service this attention.

By Derek Abdinor 25 Oct 2007

An economy of attention

Remember the Minority Report? Tom Cruise doing non-ergonomic digital manipulation, spidery nanobots, albino soothsayers, and billboards and cereal boxes delivering targeted advertising straight to him based on what we assume were his tastes and peccadilloes. Science fiction, sure, but Internet services have made this targeted marketing for the individual possible for years.

By Derek Abdinor 25 Sep 2007

Microblogging for the enterprise

A microblog is a smaller version of a blog, usually limiting posts to 140 characters. Woo-hoo, so it's a variation on the blogging theme, but less space to make an idiot of yourself. Why then is it one of the fastest-growing applications in the history of the Internet? Is there a place for it in your digital strategy?

By Derek Abdinor 31 Aug 2007

The politics of blogging

Any marketeer, public relationista, brander or eventer worth their little black books fantasise about running a successful US presidential campaign. Helen Zille, Cape Town mayor and leader of the Democratic Alliance, has stolen a march and adopted some of the groundbreaking Web 2.0 communication technologies used in that race for her own office, including the newly launched blog on Blogging? My PR set it up for me, on the Internet.

By Derek Abdinor 17 Aug 2007

Library 2.0 and overdue books

The web was initially intended as a network of references, much like a library. The rules of measuring the effectiveness of network being the size of the overall network and connection between the nodes, one could say the web has grown exponentially. Is it possible to still think of the web as a library of information?

By Derek Abdinor 13 Aug 2007

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