William Smook

Senior consultant at Meropa Communications
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


William Smook is a senior consultant at Meropa Communications (www.meropa.co.za) in Cape Town. He's worked as a journalist, internationally syndicated health writer and editor. He moved into public relations in 2005, has worked on sustainability and social development campaigns, and doesn't surf nearly enough. Contact William on tel +27 (0)21 683-6464, email , Skype william.smook and follow @williamsinct on Twitter.
In cricket and reputation crisis, pork pies and greased piglets demand a stony heart

An innings for the ages holds lessons for communicators about when and how to react in a crisis, writes William Smook...

By William Smook 12 Sep 2019

Reactions and reputation happen inside, not on top

Billions spent on creating brand awareness can be helped or harmed by the instinctive actions - good or bad - of frontline staff.

By William Smook 20 Jan 2014

Aggregation aggravation

How do you get to be a noteworthy South African? Well one way, if you're listed on Who's Who of Southern Africa, is to die an untimely death. Here's how it works...

By William Smook 13 Mar 2013

[2012 trends] Degrees of separation, stupidity and success in social media

The Mayans prophesied long ago that 2012 will see social media playing a crucial role in business communication. Why is it then, that this exciting communications channel sees otherwise good, beloved brands making avoidable mistakes? Here are a few trends, suggestions and case studies that should help you work both hard and smart in the coming months.

By William Smook 12 Jan 2012

Fast politicians, cowed cricketers, busy apples and Indiana Jones

Cricketers, politicians and media magnates share the need to manage their reputations and to deal with setbacks. The details of how they do so may differ, but the fundamentals are constant. Don't wait for a crisis to build your brand's reputation, or try to defend the indefensible. If you're concerned about how your brand manages threats, it's worth examining three such incidents in the past few days.

By William Smook 15 Nov 2011

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