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Victor Moreriane, APR

Chief Director: Communications Department of Infrastructure Development
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Victor Moreriane is a communications strategist and an accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) with over 20 years experience in broadcast journalism, PR consulting, leadership and strategic communication management. He is working as Chief Director Communications in the public service
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Is the world ready for global natural disasters?

It is highly critical for organisations to be crisis ready for local, national and sectoral crisis scenarios. But most importantly, organisations should be crisis ready for global events or catastrophes that may just be outside their span of control.

By Victor Moreriane, APR 3 Apr 2020

Lessons from Covid-19 - Be crisis ready!

Victor Moreriane, chief director of communications at Gauteng's Department of Infrastructure and Development, writes that organisations which are pro-active may survive but those who are reactive will face major consequences...

By Victor Moreriane, APR 27 Mar 2020

Era of mega leaks: A lesson from Panama Papers

The time is now ripe for organisations to employ forward-looking risk mitigation and reputation management strategies. The story of the Panama Papers has changed the world...

By Victor Moreriane, APR 29 Mar 2018

Listeriosis outbreak: A people-centred crisis approach is the most essential

Victor Moreriane analyses the current crisis management related to the outbreak of listeriosis...

By Victor Moreriane, APR 9 Mar 2018

Local media can do more for society

The recent emergence of a new talk radio station in Gauteng, Power FM, triggered a mix bag of sobering and thought-provoking comments from all quarters. What this development exposes is the fact that radio is still a major influencer in society.

By Victor Moreriane, APR 3 Jul 2013

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