Tyler Greer

Director of Global Sales Strategy, Exponential
Location:South Africa


    Tyler Greer is director of global sales strategy at Exponential responsible for leading the company's sales strategy and ensuring an integrated sales approach across the company.
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    Meaningful connections, by design

    For brands, the first and most important purpose is to make a connection between themselves and their audience...

    By Tyler Greer, Issued by VDX.tv 18 Jul 2019

    Is 2018 the year the robots come for us? (Spoiler alert: not likely)

    As a global strategist, I've spent a lot of January talking about the biggest trends in digital media and marketing for 2018...

    By Tyler Greer, Issued by VDX.tv 29 Jan 2018

    The view of engagement

    Unless you've spent the past few months hiding below the fold, you'll be aware that one of the trending topics in digital media is viewability...

    By Tyler Greer, Issued by VDX.tv 19 Mar 2015

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