Tim Wyatt-Gunning

CEO at Webafrica
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Tim graduated from Cambridge in 1992, was a banker in London for 4 years, before getting involved in the European telecommunications industry in 1996 with LDI. In 1999, he moved to South Africa to set up Storm Telecom. For 9 years Tim co-ran Storm, driving it to revenues of over R250m, with over 6000 business customers across the country, until it was bought by Vox Telecom in January 2008 for R360m. Tim joined Webafrica as CEO in October 2011.
E-mail's a morning thing. Proven.

If your work largely consists of e-mailing then the data suggests you're slacking off in the afternoon. South African e-mail traffic peaks...

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 21 Sep 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing is dead

I love 'word-of-mouth' marketing. Or I did, right up until it died. I loved it because it provoked a wonderful sense of privilege to be 'in the know'...

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 21 May 2015

What is web hosting?

Being a "good host" was definitely high up the list of what parents of middle-class spoilt brats, like me, expected from their children. Apart from learning to place many more pieces of cutlery on a table than were required, I think the answer to being a good host was, and still is, to provide a decent and handy location for a group of people to share vaguely similar interests and to start a few conversations and make sure there are no uncomfortable silences. And, for me, that location was usually around a dinner table. Now it's around a computer.

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 12 Dec 2013

Is what I e-see what I e-get?

Many of you will have been gorging yourselves on e-commerce services for a while, downloading all the music, movies, TV series and news services that you desire. A few of you might even have paid for some of them. It's brilliant, isn't it?

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 15 Aug 2013

How much internet bandwidth do I really need every month?

Last week my mother told me that a gig a month is more than enough for her. Well of course it is Mum, but you're not getting the most out of your virtual life. Trust me, it's so much easier to manage than your real one.

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 11 Jul 2013

Has the internet killed television?

Our TV died last week and nobody noticed. One of our cats died too. We were all sad about the cat and made insincere mutterings about getting a new one. As for the telly, not a word. I feel a bit sad, because it has been a good companion over the years.

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 1 Jul 2013

Why is our internet so slow?

When we fall asleep, I am told that we go through a few phases, one of which is curiously named after an aging American rock band.

By Tim Wyatt-Gunning 24 Jun 2013

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