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Media matters in poverty and starvation matters

Poverty is currently humanity's greatest scandal and scourge and one of the top challenges of the century. It is the primary cause of hunger, anger, misery, desperation, frustration, disease, death, violence and wars. As a result it poses the greatest threat to global democracy, development, peace and prosperity.

By Thabani Khumalo 16 Oct 2012

Why Brand ANC needs to be re-charged

There are times in the brand life cycle when it needs to be refreshed, restructured, revitalised, rejuvenated, re-worked, repositioned and even re-launched to take it to a different level. This happens not only for brands which may not be doing well but also for brands that are doing well - but would like to do better in its response to growing challenges.

By Thabani Khumalo 2 Oct 2012

Marketing intelligence can accelerate municipality's service delivery capacity

The latest research by Municipal IQ showed that service delivery protests were on the increase across the country, with 113 I the first half of 2012 compared to 2 in 2006. This year also accounted for 22% of all protests recorded since January 2004.

By Thabani Khumalo 13 Aug 2012

Brand Africa - flexing its muscles in the 21st century

In the year 2000, marking the close of the 20th century, the World Bank published a report provocatively entitled, Can Africa Claim the 21st Century? Seeking to answer this question, the report said: "The question of whether Sub-Saharan Africa can claim the 21st century is complex and provocative...Our central message is: Yes, Africa can claim the new century."

By Thabani Khumalo 25 May 2012

Co-regulation of a co-dependent coalition

Global communities witness their outstanding activisms and achievements almost on a daily basis, from campaigns for fair economic practices, climate-change challenges, environmental and wildlife conservation, media freedom, human rights, sustainable development programmes, moral regeneration and many human-threatening issues.

By Thabani Khumalo 3 May 2012

Sound governance, an ideal ground for sports sponsorship

The South African government has made it clear that it expects public entities to be run in line with strict corporate governance principles. Since Fikile Mbalula took over as Minister of Sports, he has been emphasising the need for sports organisations to familiarise themselves with the cornerstone of sound corporate governance.

By Thabani Khumalo 14 Mar 2012

Despite uneasy co-existence, state and media are co-dependent

"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter," says Amadou Mahtar Ba, Africa Media Initiative (AMI) CEO. Indeed, a bold and tough decision.

By Thabani Khumalo 13 Feb 2012

What can Brand ANC learn from centenary brands?

Think of giant brands such as Chevrolet, Kiwi polish, Coca-Cola, Jonnie Walker, Shell, Xerox, Guinness, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, IBM, Tata, HSBC, Levi's and a few more. All these brands are more than a century old, yet they continue to dominate their landscapes today. They just thrive on a solid reputation built in the past and preserved for the future. What can the ANC learn from the 10th-decade greats?

By Thabani Khumalo 1 Feb 2012

Communication advocates consensus, democracy, development, delivery

Communication can facilitate and accelerate development by encouraging and consolidating dialogue, debate and consensus, which ultimately strengthen democracy, development and delivery. Furthermore, it can give a voice to the poorest masses, thus enabling them to articulate their own development challenges, opportunities and aspirations.

By Thabani Khumalo 4 Nov 2011

Taxis should be trading on integrity and reputation

Does reputation matter? If you can ask SA National Taxi Council (Santaco), after its media conference, where it announced its intention to expand to the airline transport, I guees Santaco would say "yes". In today's news-driven and fast changing business environment, building and maintaining a strong corporate reputation is vital.

By Thabani Khumalo 12 Oct 2011

Climate change, a challenge to Brand Africa

Climate change has turned into the biggest challenge of the century and is one of the main causes of famine, misery, disease, death, desperation and frustration. Our globe is undergoing major climatic changes and as a result we are faced with huge development challenges and opportunities.

By Thabani Khumalo 16 Aug 2011

Chiefs and Pirates - playing the branding game

When SAB, Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates announced the Carling Black Label Cup, the football fraternity reacted differently. My take is that Pirates and Chiefs agreed to participate in this unique initiative in-order to maximize their brands' equity. Simply put, they are playing the branding game.

By Thabani Khumalo 28 Jul 2011

Power without responsibility: the Media Appeals Tribunal

The African National Congress' 2007 Limpopo Conference proposed that an independent Media Appeals Tribunal be created to adjudicate complaints from citizens about media publications. The suggestion put the ANC on collision course with media journalists, editors, analysts and human rights activists who feared that such a process would curtail media liberties.

By Thabani Khumalo 30 Jul 2010

Mandela - a great, gigantic, incomparable, incredible human brand

For the first time, in 2010, citizens of the world will be celebrating the life of a living legend. On 18 July 2010, South African and global communities will celebrate the birthday of the world's favourite person, Nelson Mandela. The United Nations (UN) has declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela International Day in recognition of the former South African president's commitment to human rights, reconciliation, peace and progress.

By Thabani Khumalo 15 Jul 2010

Post-2010: weighing up the benefits for future planning

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games demonstrated, for the first time, that events are no longer just about leisure, entertainment and recreation, but are a serious business with the potential to yield huge returns to host regions, investors and stakeholders. Events have become the biggest industry within the modern global economy.

By Thabani Khumalo 14 Jul 2010

2010: Civic pride, soccer supremacy, social cohesion

Frenchmen Jules Rimet and Henri Delaunay started the World Cup in 1930 as the premier soccer competition for best players and superior national teams. The 19th World Cup games have begun. It was to a thunderous applause, ululating and tears of jubilation when FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced on 15 May 2004 that South Africa would host the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

By Thabani Khumalo 14 Jun 2010

Why sponsorships fail from a marketing view

A total of 64 FIFA World Cup matches will be played over a period of 25 match days from 11 June to 11 July 2010. Whether you will watch the games on television, online or inside the stadium, it will be impossible to escape the colourful logos and slogans of sponsors.

By Thabani Khumalo 8 Jun 2010

Imvuselelo to keep ANC relevant to voters?

Politics is a game of perception. It is all about selling hope to a people. Yet political parties are so poor in managing perception, public opinions, attitudes, expectations and behaviors of their leaders, members, and potential supporters.

By Thabani Khumalo 1 Jun 2010

Building Brand Africa through its strengths

Africa is a continent rich in natural and human capital resources, but its biggest asset by far is the diversity, warmth, friendliness, generosity, humility and humanity of its people. This was the inspiration for the official slogan of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, 'Ke Nako. Celebrate Africa's Humanity'.

By Thabani Khumalo 25 May 2010

Soccer and music, UEFA League winning combination

The best clubs, the superstar players, the reputable referees, the great managers, the ambitious sponsors and the fanatic followers make up the UEFA Champions League - the most lucrative and competitive club competition in the world. The league has created a superb commercial playground for some of the world's leading business powerhouses for positioning their brands at the top in terms of visibility and awareness.

By Thabani Khumalo 18 May 2010

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