Su-Mari Du Bruyn is co-founder of the company Adapt To Change. She is a qualified HR practitioner and logistics specialist and is passionate about Continuous Improvement and people development.
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Is your workplace safe enough?

The level of health and safety in your workplace is of utmost importance. Here is a list of common safety breaches you should be aware of...

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 29 Sep 2015

The danger of holding out for perfect optimisation

Too many businesses make the mistake of holding out for perfect optimisation. They want to wait until the business circumstances are perfect, until they are 100% sure that it will work perfectly...

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 20 May 2015

Defusing conflict

There is a saying that variety is the spice of life. Most people prefer variety when it comes to choosing the right frame for their reading glasses, a tie, a shirt, a dress or shoes, but more often than not people are less interested in a variety of opinions...

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 12 Sep 2014

Stronger together

The very nature of human beings echoes diversity. Diversity is really just differences amongst people on various aspects...

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 12 Aug 2014

Dealing with absenteeism

With flu season in full swing, we are seeing renewed focus on absenteeism as businesses face the impact of reduced staff availability on their business.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 21 Jul 2014

Dealing with staff grievances

How you deal with a grievance determines whether it will work to your team's advantage or whether it will contribute to its demise. A grievance has to be dealt with constructively and with a plan, otherwise it is too easy to get pulled into the issue and create an even bigger mess.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 20 Jun 2014

Customer service - it really is your problem

Too many businesses are getting customer service wrong. Bureaucratic business processes are making it incredibly difficult for employees to be flexible and accommodate unique customer needs.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 17 Mar 2014

Rewarding with a party? Common pitfalls to avoid

During the last few months of 2012, we had the privilege of attending a number of year end functions to celebrate successes with clients and do talks for a number of others. During the holiday period we also made it a point to discuss with friends and family to find out how they experienced and perceived their year-end functions.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 12 Dec 2013

Beating the performance feedback blues

It is that time of the year again where many of our clients are getting ready to complete their annual performance appraisal cycle. This is a process that (in many companies) seem to bring with it feelings of dread, when in fact getting honest, clear and constructive feedback is critical for personal development and realising your full potential. It should therefore be welcomed and embraced with excitement.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 14 Oct 2013

The business case for recycling

I am always surprised by businesses that claim that they cannot afford to recycle. There seems to be this misguided belief that recycling has to cost you money. We have assisted a number of clients to become more environmentally friendly and over time we have proven that it can be a value-adding initiative in more than one way.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 9 Jul 2013

360 degrees in training

Too often we find that someone is appointed to a specific position, shown how the system works and then left to his own accord - that is it. Then, later when things go wrong, other people in the organisation are very surprised to learn that this individual gave poor customer service or does not know the first thing about the email program that he must use, for example.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 20 May 2013

Corporate Sincere Responsibility

There is always some unpalatable job in any business that needs to be done in order to keep the wheels turning. It is a job generally characterised by no one noticing when it is being done right, but with absolutely everyone complaining the moment that things go wrong.

By Su-Mari Du Bruyn 8 Mar 2013

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