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Sarah is passionate about the organisational structure of the growing team at WE in Johannesburg and maintaining an open, integrated culture that is geared for long-term success.
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Why these rolling blackouts are an opportunity for brands

South Africans are suffering from disappointment fatigue, and brands would do well to navigate their communication strategies accordingly, says Sarah Gooding, Deputy GM of WE South Africa...

By Sarah Gooding 26 Feb 2019

Controlling your brand's conversation is trickier than ever before - just ask the Chiefs

This week a brand got dragged before a disciplinary committee to answer for the behaviour of its 'consumers', reminding us just how little control companies have over many of the forces driving their reputation. But technology will help to change this...

By Sarah Gooding 3 May 2018

If all banks closed today, would South Africans miss them?

Findings about the South African market from WE's inaugural Brands in Motion research shows consumers don't care as much about fancy banking app features as they do about their values and how banks align with these...

By Sarah Gooding 26 Oct 2017

PR in the boardroom - pipedream or reality?

As they exited the lift, the alarm and pitch in their voices made me think there was a medical emergency, or that a woman had gone into labour in the foyer of our hotel. "Our lives are over if we don't get this right. We're dead, dude," barks ad man one. "That's right," intercepts ad man two, "We're about to miss the print deadline." And so began my Loeries Creative Week at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban...

By Sarah Gooding 29 Aug 2016

Crisis, crisis everywhere and, yes, you are all invited

A construction bridge collapses over a busy Johannesburg highway with disastrous consequences. Social media explodes with pictures, videos and commentary?-?perhaps before the construction company's communications team even knows about the crisis...

By Sarah Gooding 29 Oct 2015

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