Sam Swaine is a freelance consultant with over 20-year's experience in marketing and PR. She also specialises in social media and digital marketing trends. Sam is a journalist for business, marketing and consumer publications.
Key post-Covid-19 marketing hacks

Freelance consultant, Sam Swaine shares key learnings your marketing strategies can integrate during and post the corona pandemic - the most important of which is to meet your customers where they are...

By Sam Swaine 2 days ago

#BizTrends2019: The revival of print

"Print is dead" they said, "go digital" they said - we've heard the maxim time and time again and resultantly relegated print to the sidelines, we've left it feeling hapless and irrelevant...

By Sam Swaine 14 Jan 2019

Memoirs of a media veteran

My PR journey began bang-on 20-years ago, I'm unsure if the scales tip at 'experienced' or 'plain old'...

By Sam Swaine 24 Aug 2018

Snapchat to introduce six-second unskippable ads

According to 2017 statistics, Snapchat user uptake is winding down and its rival platform, Instagram is proving Snap to be a bantamweight when it tipped the scales at 700 million users in 2017...

By Sam Swaine 8 May 2018

An annus horribilis for WPP

Last Saturday saw the resignation of advertising titan, Sir Martin Sorrell who's been labelled as "the world's most famous adman." Sam Swaine gives some more insight into why this is truly an annus horribilis for WPP...

By Sam Swaine 17 Apr 2018

Mad Men days are over

Last week WPP sent a memo out to all staff changing tack on their work drinking policies. Sam Swaine reckons the party is coming to a close and the industry is finally shaking off the Mad Men stigma...

By Sam Swaine 11 Apr 2018

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