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Geo-targeting tips digital marketers must follow

Geo-targeting has the potential to dramatically increase the ROI of both local and global e-commerce digital marketing campaigns. However, according to the Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report, only 39% of marketing agencies are currently using it...

By Ryan Kh 2 May 2017

Why your social media marketing strategy isn't taking off

Brands in every industry are investing more heavily in social media marketing in 2017. Unfortunately, most businesses aren't tracking their ROI. According to a survey of 1,000 companies, 41% of brands have no idea what impact social media has on their brand's finances...

By Ryan Kh 3 Apr 2017

How to adapt your marketing strategy when expanding to new regions

Globalism has both opened new doors and created new challenges for startups all over the world. Digital technology, new trade agreements, the trend towards cultural assimilation and other factors have enabled businesses to reach customers in other countries...

By Ryan Kh 22 Mar 2017

Setting growth projections from your marketing plan

Setting realistic growth projections is one of the most important and challenging aspects of running a business. One of the issues is that future growth rates will be profoundly impacted by your marketing plan. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to make realistic projections...

By Ryan Kh 16 Mar 2017

Startup founders need to focus on downtime to uncover opportunities

When was the last time you spent an entire day without thinking about your business? If you're still working on an answer to that question, chances are you're an entrepreneur...

By Ryan Kh 17 Feb 2017

What the rise of paid social media advertising means for you

Paid social media advertising has been around for some time. Yet the concept of 'pay to play' has only become particularly prominent in the last few months...

By Ryan Kh 24 Jan 2017

Is marketing automation limiting your brand's visibility?

Marketing automation is one of the big revolutions in the world of marketing. The problem is that nobody considers the potential downsides of it...

By Ryan Kh 6 Jan 2017

Six benefits of entrepreneurship that are sure to surprise you

Entrepreneurship is often touted as the best way to live your life. You get to work from home, be your own boss, and work only when you feel like it...

By Ryan Kh 4 Jan 2017

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