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Ross Sibbald

Executive Head at Striata Marketing Solutions
Location:South Africa


Executive Head at Striata Marketing Solutions
Want your customers to trust you? Email is one of the most powerful tools you have

Earning customers' trust is key when it comes to achieving success as an organisation. Those that get it right stand to reap massive rewards, not least because loyal customers spend more...

By Ross Sibbald 9 Jul 2019

Bad data is harming your email marketing efforts: Here's how to fix it

Bad data can impact everything. From how many people see the messaging you send out to its impact and even your organisation's reputation. Fortunately, cleaning up your data and repairing your marketing efforts isn't rocket science...

By Ross Sibbald 16 Oct 2018

Why financial services organisations need to stop worrying about links in emails

A look at how financial services providers can consider including live links in their marketing emails (many don't for security reasons)...

By Ross Sibbald 29 Nov 2017

Data is the key to successful email marketing

The single most important factor for a successful email marketing campaign is the quality of the data...

By Ross Sibbald 1 Sep 2017

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