Roger Metcalfe

Freelance Journalist and Filmmaker
Location:South Africa


Roger Metcalfe is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker specialising in the environment, technology and medicine. He received the SA National Cancer Association's Award for Enterprising Journalism for nationally televised documentaries (MRI, breast cancer). Roger has written over 50 magazine articles, been interviewed on radio (Fukushima, water), is an ex-diplomat and former council member of the Writers Guild of SA. He recently graduated with a Postgraduate Diploma in the [Filmic] Arts. Contact Roger at .
Geometry of the heart: A review of artist Lars J. Fischedick

At best, investment art captures and formulates an aspect of reality, leading to a profound paradigm shift. Art that serves as a navigational beacon through turbulent times. Lars J Fischedick is one such artist...

By Roger Metcalfe 10 Dec 2018

Fukushima - the story continues...

The fifth anniversary of the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant has come and gone, and still the whole story hasn't been told...

By Roger Metcalfe 28 Apr 2016

[Earth Focus] Water, the stream of life

In the vastness of our universe water is as rare as life. A miracle element without which life could not exist...

By Roger Metcalfe 11 Feb 2016

[Earth Focus] The future of food

This year the hottest October ever on earth was recorded in Vredendal in the Western Cape. The temperature soared to an incredible 48.4 degrees Celsius...

By Roger Metcalfe 17 Dec 2015

[Earth Focus] Walk on the wild side: thoughts around a campfire

Life on our over-populated planet is undergoing such stress, that we risk increasing disconnection from the natural world on which our survival ultimately depends...

By Roger Metcalfe 5 Oct 2015

[Earth Focus] Solar power: lessons from nature

It is quite remarkable how science has invented a technology to convert sunlight directly into electricity. It's called solar electric, photovoltaic or PV power, and scientists are taking a leaf out of nature's own book to refine this fast-growing technology...

By Roger Metcalfe 15 Sep 2015

[Earth Focus] Nuclear red. Renewable energy green

Given South Africa's world-shattering potential for renewable energy, it is inexplicable why our government is seriously considering the purchase of eight nuclear reactors at an estimated R1tn...

By Roger Metcalfe 17 Aug 2015

Commissioning a corporate film: An executive note

In today's overcrowded, fast-moving marketplace, your company is judged, accepted and paid according to how it presents, re-presents and projects itself. Film makes a powerful statement...

By Roger Metcalfe 12 Jul 2015

[Earth Focus] The business case for environmental compliance

The recent prosecution of a director whose company contravened environmental regulations sent shockwaves through corporate boardrooms...

By Roger Metcalfe 22 Jun 2015

Truth and survival on a toxic planet

On 11 March 2011 at 05h46 GMT one of the worst disasters in human history struck Japan. A massive earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale, unleashed a huge tsunami that critically disabled three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant...

By Roger Metcalfe 6 May 2015

Ronnie Biccard, going with the flow

Artist Ronnie Biccard has come home. She has returned to her South African roots after many travels and years of living in England.

By Roger Metcalfe 2 Apr 2015

[Earth Focus] Light at the end of the tunnel

Walking down those endless shopping mall tunnels to the restrooms, I was suddenly plunged into total darkness - so black I could not even see my hands before my eyes...

By Roger Metcalfe 31 Mar 2015

Music and emotion: A soprano on song

What is it about a singer that can bring a house down? I recently attended a performance of Carmina Burana at the Cape Town City Hall and was astounded by the degree of emotion that coloratura soprano Beverley Chiat managed to evoke in the nearly 1000-strong audience.

By Roger Metcalfe 22 Sep 2014

Leading with love: The guide dog

If you're reading this you can be sure that you belong to the 99% of humankind that can access the visible spectrum ... in brief, 'good sight'.

By Roger Metcalfe 7 Oct 2013

Solar powered electricity ... energy's best kept secret

A silent revolution is taking place in the world of electrical energy - and few people are fully aware of its potential.

By Roger Metcalfe 16 Apr 2013

BMW 318i: A case study in craftsmanship

I was recently confronted with the question of replacing my superbly maintained, flawless 22-year old BMW which gave me much food for thought.

By Roger Metcalfe 22 Feb 2013

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