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Robert Gentle

Writer, trainer, consultant at
Location:South Africa


Robert runs the PR training company, He has some 25 years of experience in financial journalism, public relations and training. He wrote the bestseller Read This - Business Writing that Works.
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Is it time to dump mission statements?

Quick: can you recite the mission statement of the organisation you work for? I didn't think so. Don't feel bad; you're in good company...

By Robert Gentle 10 Jul 2019

A different kind of annual report

Forget about the annual report to shareholders; here's a different kind of report that many people might actually read...

By Robert Gentle 27 May 2019

Your thought-leadership toolkit

Powerful, integrated and effective...

By Robert Gentle 27 Mar 2019

Business is too timid with its PR

It needs to take control of its public narrative...

By Robert Gentle 8 Mar 2019

Has "PR" become a dirty word?

Even its practitioners don't seem to like it...

By Robert Gentle 21 Feb 2019

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