Rick Joubert

CEO of Yonder Media and Founding Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association
Location:South Africa


Rick Joubert is the CEO of Yonder Media and the founding chairman of the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) in SA
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African mobile operators are missing an opportunity

The mobile medium has moved beyond hype and early adoption and is touching the mainstream consciousness in advertising and media...

By Rick Joubert, Issued by Mobile Marketing Association 23 Feb 2015

The mobile web: an untapped opportunity for publishers

I had the opportunity to speak at the Bookmarks breakfast workshop at the invitation of the South African Online Publishers Association (OPA) last week both in Cape Town and Johannesburg. My target audience at this event was really the online publishers and my principal challenge to them was: ‘Why has the South African online publishing industry not made any significant in-roads in the mobile web?'

By Rick Joubert 19 Nov 2008

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