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Rebone Masemola

Digital Marketing Manager at BET Africa
Location:South Africa


Rebone Masemola is the founder of a digital Feminist platform called the WokeProject, she's a Marketer, and writer who advocates for equality and fair representation. She's a TEDx Speaker who currently works as a Digital Marketing Manager for an international TV Network.
The decade of the chosen family

In an age of a cancellation culture that was born out of a deep desire for hyper self-awareness, self-actualisation and social justice, this generation is making it their social responsibility to live and associate in spaces and with people that align with their values and beliefs...

By Rebone Masemola 5 Mar 2020

Must be a shape-shifting black unicorn

"For decades, black parents have told their children that in order to succeed despite racial discrimination, they need to be twice as good, twice as smart, twice as dependable, and twice as talented."

By Rebone Masemola 3 Jul 2019

How far Black Twitter has come

Black Twitter in South Africa has become an autonomous space that has grown a life of its own...

By Rebone Masemola 11 Apr 2019

On the humanisation of black stories in 2019

As a consumer of local content in 2019, I am ready to see bodies of work that focus on the humanisation of black characters with well-rounded lives that are not solely centred around tried and tested concepts of tragedy, trauma and beating the odds...

By Rebone Masemola 15 Jan 2019

Creating brands that influence an intersectionally inclusive world

Local brands, marketers and creators need to get better at designing campaigns and content that reflects intersectional narratives and imagery that include LGBTQI+ communities, people with albinism and the disabled...

By Rebone Masemola 9 Oct 2018

#YouthMonth: What's in a hashtag?

Like every year since South Africa's liberation, youth month has come and gone as quickly as it came. As a generation living in the shadow and following in the footsteps of those who left a great legacy...

By Rebone Masemola 30 Jun 2016

Social media for change

Although we loudly profess that we share a collective mind-set while embracing what's unique about others, it's become quiet cliché of our generation to continue a legacy of category creation...

By Rebone Masemola 31 May 2016

South Africa's booming ride share era

In the beginning there was Uber, the app that started an era of ride sharing concepts in an age where people are always on the go and on their mobiles...

By Rebone Masemola 11 May 2016

[Design Indaba 2016] Five themes from Design Indaba 2016

The Design Indaba speakers were like a refresher course that brought back to life some of the many ideals that I used to naively embrace when I didn't take myself too seriously...

By Rebone Masemola 22 Feb 2016

Black twitter: New court of public opinion

South Africa's #blacktwitter movement has become the court of public opinion that sways consensus on trends followers are interested in, and that includes a lot of topical issues that the local twitterverse often jumps onto...

By Rebone Masemola 21 Oct 2015

The tarnished image of South Africa's brand

I am certain most people can agree that the alleged report of South Africa's involvement in the FIFA scandal could prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back...

By Rebone Masemola 11 Jun 2015

Conscious social media users

We are acclaimed to be grooming a generation of tech-savvy young people who understand the cyberspace, but how come they do not realise that what they share online could potentially damage their reputation or brand?...

By Rebone Masemola 2 Jun 2015

Activism in the age of social media

Social media activism has its perks, but a displaced mother of three from Zimbabwe is neither going to eat blogs nor the ranting scribbles trending all over our newsfeeds...

By Rebone Masemola 5 May 2015

What does new age photography do for memory and history?

After sitting in on a session on Instagram and the art of photography I was left wondering about how the form has developed over the years, whether it's still an artistic form of social expression...

By Rebone Masemola 24 Apr 2015

The role played by Black Twitter in South Africa

For those of you coming late to the party, according to Wikipedia Black Twitter is "a cultural identity on the twitter social network focused on issues of interest to the black community"...

By Rebone Masemola 20 Apr 2015

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