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Pieter Scholtz

Business and executive coach at ActionCOACH
Location:South Africa


Pieter Scholtz is the Co-Master Licensee in Southern Africa for ActionCOACH, the fastest growing and largest business coaching company globally. Pieter and his partner, Harry Welby-Cooke developed ActionCOACH across Southern Africa, which now boasts over 30 franchisees. He is also a certified, leading business and executive coach. He has successfully assisted countless business owners and executives to significantly grow their profits and develop their entrepreneurial skills. / 012 665 1015.
#BizTrends2019: Evolution of business coaching

Back in the early 90's, the concept of business coaching was born and because many people struggled to grasp what it actually was, it was pitched as 'something like consulting'. Today, business coaching is widely understood, well established, and a highly competitive industry that is growing globally...

By Pieter Scholtz 7 Jan 2019

Would your business come to a standstill without you?

A lot of people think that being the big boss means being the best at everything. They couldn't be more wrong, because that means your entire business is completely dependent on one person...

By Pieter Scholtz 29 Sep 2016

Failed businesses: a path to entrepreneurial success

Sometimes knowing when to start again is the best thing you can do as a budding entrepreneur. ActionCOACH's Pieter Scholtz discusses using a failed business idea as a platform for success...

By Pieter Scholtz 26 Jul 2016

Without systems your business is managing you

Systems is the most misunderstood area of business, yet it's one area that's paramount to implement. Systems at every level of the business will make you and your team more empowered and committed...

By Pieter Scholtz 28 Nov 2014

Creating a 30-hour work week

Knowing how to use your time effectively is a more valuable skill than knowing how to make, manage, invest and spend money...

By Pieter Scholtz 8 Nov 2014

Sales made simple

No matter what your product or service is, you have to sell to stay in business, so you might as well make up your mind now to become a winner at the sales game...

By Pieter Scholtz 29 Oct 2014

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