With over 20 years' experience helping leading organisations overcome various business challenges, Paula understands the challenges that companies face in delivering a consistent brand experience and the impact this has on their bottom line. An analytical thinker that strives to solve business problems with innovative solutions, Paula believes that technology plays a major role in solving critical business and branding challenges. As such, she established BrandQuantum to help businesses overcome their branding challenges in the digital age.
The balance between customer privacy and intimacy

Whilst the role of the marketing department appears to have evolved significantly over the past few years, fundamentally it is still about building relationships...

By Paula Sartini 18 Jan 2021

Delivering your customer experience at every customer touchpoint

Customer experience is the driving force behind every business as it gives companies a competitive edge that earns customer loyalty and attracts new customers...

By Paula Sartini 22 Dec 2020

Customer privacy is part of the experience and is critical to build trust

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum International writes that privacy management is critical, not only as a compliance tool for legal and compliance practitioners but also as a tool for building trust with customers...

By Paula Sartini 1 Oct 2020

Should your brand self-isolate during a pandemic?

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum explains why putting brand, strategy and customer on hold is not an option...

By Paula Sartini 4 Aug 2020

How secure is your company data during a lockdown?

Many businesses have developed business continuity plans (BCP) to mitigate risks and reduce the impact of the coronavirus crisis...

By Paula Sartini 4 May 2020

How safe is your brand in the hands of a remote workforce?

Having invested significantly into their brands for years, companies need to put the best interests of their employees and customers at heart but not at the detriment of their brands...

By Paula Sartini 23 Mar 2020

Marketing and IT: Will the great divide continues in 2020?

Business confidence across the country declined throughout 2019 on the back of the tough economic climate which is expected to continue in 2020...

By Paula Sartini 17 Dec 2019

Securing your brand is a C-suite challenge

How can your customers trust you if you don't take precautions to protect their personal information?...

By Paula Sartini 13 Dec 2019

How technology helps brands evolve

Today's customers are tech-savvy; have access to brands across a global marketplace; are not restricted to trading hours; and they know what they want.

By Paula Sartini 18 Oct 2019

Enhancing customer experience with automation

Customer experience is a growing priority for organisations as it is becoming the most critical factor for customers selecting your brand over another...

By Paula Sartini 26 Aug 2019

The road to AI in marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring great benefits to businesses across various industries. Already companies such as Google and Microsoft have invested significantly in this technology and are benefiting from it...

By Paula Sartini 20 Jun 2019

Are your emails building brand trust?

Would you let your employees send out personal letters on the company letterhead? Would you send out company letters on unbranded documents? Have you thought about the risks of allowing employees to send out emails without the correct company branding?...

By Paula Sartini 31 Jan 2019

Customer experience: The marriage of marketing and technology

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum, delves into the new role of marketing and IT in the era of Customer Experience...

By Paula Sartini 10 Dec 2018

CMOs need to embrace new technologies and tools to build brand trust

BrandQuantum recently hosted a marketing roundtable to debate the role of marketing in today's digital business environment and some of the key challenges they are facing...

By Paula Sartini 1 Oct 2018

Getting back to basics: Branding is fundamental to marketing success

It is important for marketers to take a step back and assess their brand and the story it tells its customers before determining which technology solution is the right one to meet their brand needs...

By Paula Sartini 3 Aug 2018

Brand consistency: Taking marketing to a higher level

In the highly competitive business landscape where social media and customer experience are adding complexity to a global landscape, marketing needs to evolve...

By Paula Sartini 6 Feb 2018

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