Oresti Patricios, CEO of the OrnicoGroup (, has long been on the cutting edge of the media, advertising and branding industries. He has an MBA at GIBS and did his thesis on social media when Twitter was barely a twit. He has always driven his vision of dominating African media & brand intelligence. Contact Oresti on tel +27 (0)11 884 5041 or email az.oc.puorgocinro@itserO and follow @orestaki on Twitter.
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Brand advertising puts people ahead of sales in trying times

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has transformed brand communication and necessitated great changes in advertising....

By Oresti Patricios 22 Apr 2020

Fighting fake news flames

Fake news, false claims, invented opinions and online rumour can seriously burn your reputation. Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico, unpacks a strategy for putting out fake news fires before they rage out of control and explains how to manage your reputation in the wake of a fake news onslaught against your brand...

By Oresti Patricios 25 May 2017

Why media research across Africa needs to be harmonised

Harmonising media research across Africa could be a step towards the stimulation of greater intra- African trade...

By Oresti Patricios 12 Aug 2016

Harmonising media research across Africa

Beyond Babel: harmonising media research across Africa for a more prosperous future...

By Oresti Patricios 27 Jun 2016

[2014 trends] The big trend? Africa is on trend

The world is going gaga over culture, design and art from Africa, but back here on the continent we're innovating exciting solutions to uniquely African challenges. Here are my thoughts on the four biggest trends related to Africa...

By Oresti Patricios 20 Jan 2014

Is SA entering a research wasteland?

Key broadcasters quit the South African Audience Research Foundation - the independent research body mandated to find common currency for audience measurement in SA's media landscape. The exit will happen in December 2014. My plea is for the decision to be reversed, and for marketing industry decision makers to keep this debate alive.

By Oresti Patricios, Issued by Ornico 26 Sep 2013

#PAMRO15: The role of media audience research in emerging markets

There is a need for transparency, and to tell not just one story, but many.

By Oresti Patricios 26 Sep 2013

City brands - it's not about the branding!

Building city brands - it's not about the branding, it is about the hard work and political will to affect real and meaningful social, economic and developmental change, says Oresti Patricios, CEO of Ornico.

By Oresti Patricios, Issued by Ornico 19 Sep 2013

Brand SA - Reputation, we have a problem

South Africa faces significant structural challenges that can't be fixed by spending money on advertising the brand. It could well be time to reassess Brand South Africa's raison d'ĂȘtre and its relationship with the state.

By Oresti Patricios, Issued by Ornico 31 May 2013

[2013 trends] The year of the snake

Context is king, but knowing what's around the next corner takes a little more than 20/20 vision. To find out what trends, innovations or environmental changes could affect your brand's future in 2013, here's some foresight.

By Oresti Patricios 22 Jan 2013

Advertising levy crisis an opportunity to unify industry

Put selfish interest aside. Self-interest means protecting the industry's assets, which can only happen if the industry pays levies.

By Oresti Patricios 8 Jun 2012

[2012 trends] Media trends in Africa for 2012

The continent's future is tied to its media. Free open media promises much for flourishing democracies and economic growth, but authoritarian states will struggle to let go of controls.

By Oresti Patricios 19 Jan 2012

City Press's new magazine the talk of the town

Hot off the back of a strategy lead by editor Ferial Haffajee, City Press is investing heavily in ensuring it becomes the most noticeable and noted Sunday media brand. The latest accent in that drive to own the Sunday newspaper market is a magazine that Media24's publication has simply called i magazine.

By Oresti Patricios 4 Oct 2011

Vodacom sees red, leads TV adspend

The mobile industry is perhaps the most hotly contested brand space in South Africa, if not the world. In looking at advertising and branding in SA's mobile industry market for the first four months of 2011, Vodacom went red, Cell C saw red and MTN just kept on growing its brand value.

By Oresti Patricios 29 Jun 2011

Research conference highlights mobile, Africa's marvel

Social media, the opportunities in mobile networks and mobile internet were the dominant themes at the 2010 PAMRO Conference held in Botswana recently. As the economic recession continues, with talk of a double-dip for the US, emerging economies are finding renewed favour from both investors and brands looking for growth, and Africa is no exception.

By Oresti Patricios 4 Oct 2010

Oracle attempts to 'shoot the messenger'

I write to respond to a recent article by Oracle's Chris Hitchens headlined: Oracle, MultiChoice refute claims by Ornico.

By Oresti Patricios 17 Dec 2009

The Julius-Nando's hullabaloo - 100% genius

Nando's campaign featuring Julius Malema has been nothing short of inspired, creating significant publicity and brand loyalty by getting the nation talking chicken.

By Oresti Patricios 30 Apr 2009

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