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The Client Side: Tumi Mmope

With the use of The Client Side, I go in search of the people that really make our advertising industry - our clients.

By Mogorosi Mashilo, Issued by TrendER 13 Jun 2019

The black rainbow

There's continued frustration from black consumers, as some brands still do not fully understand them...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 7 Oct 2016

Why promotional branded t-shirts make good pyjamas...

The first thing that comes to mind when we think "promotional give away" is branded t-shirts. However, that branding is usually not seen outside of the bathroom or bedroom, where the consumer will usually wear it...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 30 Sep 2015

Finally a "Black mass market" communication methodology

We have not had a lot of methodologies that guide us into understanding this market and have therefore relied on Living Standards Measures alone as the basis of our communication...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 4 Aug 2015

Two reasons why it's okay not to have a load shedding ad campaign

There are many occurrences in people's everyday lives and it's these incidents that create trends that advertising campaigns tap into in order to become relevant and current...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 16 Jun 2015

Understanding the dynamics of our emerging market

South Africa is an emerging market and therefore means that we need to understand that it is a constantly evolving market...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 2 Jun 2015

I'm not a communication strategist - I am a consumer advocate

We, as communication strategists, often get drowned by our own jargon, statistics, consumer mapping and landscapes that we forget the very essence of being an effective communication strategist...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 21 May 2015

A relook into the term 'Glocal'

The term "Glocal" has been a buzz word in the marketing world for some time. A combination of the words "Global" and "Local", it is used to describe global brands entering new markets...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 18 May 2015

Current views on SA TV commercials 2015

TV commercials still play a big part in most of our advertising campaigns, and it is therefore important to know to what extent consumers consider their relevance (video)...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 14 May 2015

[The Human Truth behind the Trend] Part 2: A deeper look into what an insight is - the brand truth

In recapping part 1 of my 2-part discussion about unlocking the human truth behind the trend, we must always remember that consumers are actually human beings...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 26 Mar 2015

[The Human Truth behind the Trend] Part 1: The importance of consumer insights

First and foremost, it is imperative to understand what an insight is and not confuse it with an observation or a trend...

By Mogorosi Mashilo 25 Mar 2015

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