Mike Taberner

Partner and Head of Strategy at Brandesign
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Mike Taberner is a Partner and Director at Brandesign, a brand development company. He consults on brand development and marketing channels to be used by clients. He is responsible for the strategy as well as the media portfolios. Contact details: Twitter @MikeTaberner
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Current employment

Director / co-owner
brandesign - www.brandesign.co.za
Present - Cape Town
Unsubscribed - how effective is your communication strategy?

Brands need to keep engaging with their lists by checking in to see if subscribers are still engaged with them. It may just keep them from unsubscribing...

By Mike Taberner 23 Aug 2017

The reality of perception

One of the age-old sayings is that "Perception is reality" and while many brands would like to think that they are immune to this, they are not...

By Mike Taberner 4 Oct 2016

What will you do for your brand in 2016?

As brand builders and ambassadors we are bound to extract the most out of marketing budgets, tasked with helping grow our businesses by developing strong brands...

By Mike Taberner 14 Jan 2016

Winding down 2015: A good time to look forward?

Many of us are approaching December with great excitement! We see the upcoming holiday season as a great time to relax! We have, after all, earned a well-deserved break...

By Mike Taberner 27 Nov 2015

Mixed messages

Every brand has a message - one that their customers, employees and suppliers understand and live by, right?

By Mike Taberner 6 May 2014

[2014 trends] The cash-strapped consumer

I believe this will be one of the biggest trends to shape the marketing landscape in 2014...

By Mike Taberner 3 Feb 2014

Strategy - A blueprint for failure

"Strategy" is a word bandied around by businesses on a daily basis. Fundamentally, it's become a simple term, part of the "business jargon brigade".

By Mike Taberner 8 Nov 2013

Marketing for business sake

Marketing relies on businesses that have stories to tell, on great strategy development, excellent creative deployment of the message and a budget to achieve this.

By Mike Taberner 15 Oct 2013

Your staff, your brand

Why are so many companies trading in these tough economic times, still content with not delivering their brand promises? Key elements of product quality, service and experience still elude consumers on an almost daily basis.

By Mike Taberner 22 Aug 2013

Employees: Untapped brand ambassadors

Great brands have many things in common: visionary leaders, great marketing strategies, excellent products and a great understanding of their competitive landscape. They also have a focus on including their employees in their marketing efforts.

By Mike Taberner 21 May 2013

CRM is not about data

I am seeing many people talking about the virtues of big data and what this will do from a customer relationship management point of view. While I agree that the opportunity to dig deeper into your customer and their habits will be greatly enhanced, I fundamentally disagree with the idea that CRM is about the data.

By Mike Taberner 25 Feb 2013

A great brand won't come off in the wash

This is the line that we use as a reminder whenever we approach a project or idea. We are particularly critical when it comes to evaluating whether the campaign idea is strong enough to support the brand we are working with. Importantly though, it liberates us when it comes to our creative processes.

By Mike Taberner 13 Feb 2013

Regularity and relevance breed loyalty

Regular communication is something every human being desires, this need is hard-coded into us and is something that we cannot do without. Relevant communication is equally import to us human beings - there is nothing worse than dealing with irrelevant communication. Brands that plan their communication strategy have an excellent opportunity to exploit these needs by ensuring regular and relevant communication.

By Mike Taberner 2 Feb 2013

Commoditised creativity - a dangerous slope

During one of our brainstorming sessions we discussed the topic of clients who don't see the value of the work that is done by agencies. The debate centred for some time on whether or not clients could in fact do what we do. What was missed in the debate is what is missed in any selling situation. That is: If you cannot show the value, then the client is not going to buy it and there is no getting away from this fact. However there is much merit in debating this point.

By Mike Taberner 27 Oct 2012

Don't confuse brand with product

I meet companies on a regular basis that seem to confuse their product with their brand. They have this notion that producing better quality, better priced or cooler looking products is their brand. Still other companies talk of their service offerings as if they were their brand. Sure, having a great product and/or service certainly will help your brand, but, it is not your brand.

By Mike Taberner 11 Sep 2012

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