Michelle Jones

Head of Content / Writer at Rogerwilco
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Passionate about media and digital, for almost four years I have worked at digital marketing agency Rogerwilco where I combine both interests. I was recently promoted to head up the team of content writers. My days are spent managing the content team and writing copy for clients.

Previously I worked in hard news journalism for more than six years. I worked at the Cape Times as part of my National Diploma requirements and after obtaining my BTech in Journalism.
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Why content marketers need to embrace AI

Content marketers needn't battle with artificial intelligence (AI). The advent of AI is inevitable. Instead, we should learn to embrace it, writes Michelle Jones...

By Michelle Jones 1 Sep 2017

Going viral: a digital marketing myth

One of the biggest myths in digital marketing today is the belief that you can purposefully create content with the intention of it going viral. The truth is there is no method, formula or recipe to create viral content...

By Michelle Jones 27 Jul 2016

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