Michael Wood

Co-founder and Director at Aperio
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


    Michael Wood is co-founder and Director of Aperio, a business consulting company focused on accelerating growth of FMCG brands in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Michael has many years international experience where he held the positions of Marketing Director, Sales Director and Managing Director with the Gillette company and Procter & Gamble.
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    How well do you know your strategic targets and prime prospects?

    Having an in-depth understanding of your consumer makes it far easier to find the sweet spot for your brands' investment and growth. Using a blanket approach will not provide growth...

    By Michael Wood 8 Mar 2016

    Finding the right distribution partner in Africa

    As many manufacturers have experienced, finding a distributor in Africa is challenging. For brands to succeed in Africa, they will need to find a distribution partner that is able to build a successful route to market...

    By Michael Wood 30 Oct 2015

    South African swagger won't work in Africa

    There are a few fundamental practices that need a fresh approach if we are going to embrace a united African economy, something that will benefit the whole of Africa and not just us...

    By Michael Wood 28 Oct 2015

    Is Starbucks ready for South Africa?

    Will the global brand be able to achieve sustainable success locally? SA's coffee culture is still in its infancy and competition will surely blast Starbucks from all sides - it's not going to be easy to achieve long-term success...

    By Michael Wood 17 Jul 2015

    Developing markets develop better global business leaders

    The types of challenges faced by managers every single day in developing markets takes a manager in a developed market months or years to gain. The skills managers in developing...

    By Michael Wood 29 Jun 2014

    The Super Bowl for advertising

    You've gotta love the Super Bowl, even if you don't like American football or don't even understand it (which basically includes everyone outside the US and a good number inside the US), why so? (video)

    By Michael Wood 11 Feb 2014

    Reflections on iconic South African brands

    After celebrating South African Heritage Day - also widely known as Braai Day - take a moment to think fondly of those iconic brands that contribute to our heritage and who we are, unique in this world and proudly South African.

    By Michael Wood 26 Sep 2013

    How to connect FMCG brands with African consumers

    When it comes to marketing FMCG brands on the African continent, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. African consumers are looking for locally relevant brands they can connect with and FMCG companies need to understand consumer sentiment and behaviour to avoid failing in their chosen regions.

    By Michael Wood 22 May 2013

    Classic clashes - washing powder wars

    Think of those classic sporting clashes between old rivals Springboks and All Blacks, Chiefs vs Pirates, or Nadal vs Djokovic. A battle between two old rivals almost as equal as each other, bitterly fought, won with sweat, blood and tears.

    By Michael Wood 22 May 2013

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