Luke McKend

Country director for Google South Africa
Location:South Africa


Formerly an industry head for Google UK, Luke Mckend is the country director for Google South Africa (;; @googleafrica; For more, email moc.elgoog@sserp.
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[Online presence 3] Get mobile-ready

As a business, you need to be present wherever the consumer is looking - ultimately, you must have an active presence in a multi-device society.

By Luke McKend 28 May 2013

[Online presence 2] Get socialising online

Social networks have become an integral part of any business - if your customers are talking about you, why not join in the conversation? (video)

By Luke McKend 20 May 2013

[Online presence 1] Out of sight, out of mind

It's been inspiring to see many businesses utilising the web to market their goods and services by taking advantage of a host of online tools, and even more inspiring to see how these business are benefitting from increased revenue and exposure, both locally and internationally.

By Luke McKend 13 May 2013

South African businesses missing out this Christmas

Listening to Bruce Whitfield recently on 702 Radio, I was surprised by an on-air conversation that suggested that it wasn't possible to do all of your Christmas shopping online in South Africa. I decided to find out whether this was true based on three simple tests: Could I find the product online? Was there sufficient information to help me make a buying a decision? Could I buy the product online?

By Luke McKend 12 Dec 2011

SA wine businesses going global with online tools

The arrival of Google Street View in the winelands is only one aspect of how South African wineries and exporters are increasingly looking to technology and innovation to capture and retain new customers, both locally and globally, in a competitive and ever-changing market.

By Luke McKend 30 May 2011

[2011 trends] Full steam ahead in the digital world

The world of technology didn't slow down for a minute in the past year, and developments are set to continue at a fast pace in 2011. The 11 trends that I've flagged below firstly highlight some high-level predictions for what we at Google see ahead for the Internet, mobile and devices, before going a little deeper into marketing and advertising.

By Luke McKend 14 Jan 2011

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