Louise Hefer

Media Strategist/Implementation Planner at The MediaShop
Location:South Africa


Louise Hefer has over a decade of media industry experience - currently Media Strategist and CCM (Chief Coffee Maker) at The MediaShop. She is a custodian of knowledge management, laughing, having fun and seeing the glass half full. Trying to change the world one step at the time.
Fostering diversity of thought

Do you know what I love most about South Africa other than our resilience? Our diversity. If brands want to drive creativity and innovation, it's going to take a lot of work and patience...

By Louise Hefer 13 Jun 2019

Remember to remember me - making advertising stick

Louise Hefer shares five rules to keep in mind when trying to build lasting impressions in advertising...

By Louise Hefer 12 Sep 2018

The modern-day mom and what brands need to keep in mind

I've been working on a brand within the Baby Care category for a couple of years now, and I've always thought that I have a good insight into moms and how to be relevant to them...

By Louise Hefer 10 May 2018

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