Linda Botha

Managing Director at Linda Botha Language Solutions
Location:Pretoria, South Africa


Translator, content creator and editor, Linda Botha, has established herself firmly in the language services industry over the last 25 years. Her experience includes corporate and educational content development and publishing, and managing large document projects. Linda currently offers a free business writing course through Linda Botha Language Solutions at Reach Linda at , or connect with her on Facebook.
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Ten questions to ensure you get a high-quality translation

You need a translation that is clear, accurate and stylistically proper, and you want to make sure you avoid any possible pitfalls in the appointment process. So, you kickstart Google and...

By Linda Botha 25 Mar 2014

Put your start-up company on the road to success

You're the proud owner of a brand-spanking new business. You're all geared up with a killer idea and a sheaf of registration papers hot off the press. So what's next?

By Linda Botha 11 Dec 2013

The small business website dilemma

The topic of conversation, whenever I meet with a certain older acquaintance, invariably turns to 'online business.'

By Linda Botha 11 Nov 2013

The precarious nature of translation

Biblical Moses depicted with horns and Valentine's Day in Japan both have a common cause. In an industry where meaning can be warped by inaccuracy, anything can happen - and sometimes does.

By Linda Botha 2 Oct 2013

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