Leago Monareng

P.R Account Executive at Glasshouse Communication Management
Location:South Africa


Leago is an intermediate - level public relations and communications consultant with over two years' working experience in the media industry. Currently a P.R Account Executive at Glasshouse Communication Management, Leago specialises in media relations, content development, event public relations and support of crisis communications.
CSR as a PR strategy for enhancing business-community relations

CSR has evolved over the past few years as more and more organisations take a larger role in actively participating in social and community projects...

By Leago Monareng 6 Dec 2018

The death knell for advertising value equivalency as a PR metric?

It's time to revise our evaluation methodologies. If one of the world's leading professional body has declared its intention to send it into exile is perhaps an indication that it's time to move on from using AVE as a PR metric. ...

By Leago Monareng 30 Nov 2018

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