Laine Barnard is the CEO and Marketing Director of 8brand. Laine has been instrumental in the repositioning and re-branding of some of the top telecommunication players in Africa, developing many successful brand launch strategies, go-to-market strategies and repositioning strategies.
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Brand Activations, Brand & Identity, Environmental Branding, Outdoor media, Advertising, Marketing & Brand Strat, App development, App design, Mobile


Laine Barnard
[Exhibitions] JOHNNIE WALKER Exhibition Installation: Bars Around The World
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Laine Barnard
[Digital] App-etizing Stuff for the Property Industry
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Laine Barnard
[Property & Real Estate] Portside Towers, Is this the future of Cape Town's Architecture?
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You've clearly underestimated online reviews

For decades, consumers depended on marketers to help them decide whether a product was a good purchase or not. If the product delivered on the marketing message, the...

By Laine Barnard 3 Jul 2014

The future of sustainable retail design in Africa

The process of urbanisation is steamrolling through Africa and with that comes more spending money and a growing desire to spend that money - making retail in Africa a hot topic right now.

By Laine Barnard 6 Jun 2014

The story of the African consumer

Trying to define the average African consumer is near impossible. Tastes and shopping habits are unique to each country, with differences found between regions and even cities within a country.

By Laine Barnard 3 Jun 2014

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