Kirk graduated from Stellenbosch University with a degree in Visual Arts and an Honours in Photography. His first job was in a design studio, but he wanted to be involved in an ideas agency. He moved to AWSG -JWT, where he worked on through-the-line work for clients including Shell, J&B, Smirnoff, Listerine, Halls and Clorets...
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#BizTrends2020: #IamTrending, so now what?

I am suspicious of trends and you should be, too. I am less suspicious of how transient trends are than how comfortable following a trend will make you feel. If you are #ontrend, you must be OK. Right? But, when budgets are down and anxiety is up, when marketing teams are stretched and consumers even more stretched, you cannot afford to be following trends. Do you remember your mom asking you what you'd do if everyone else jumped into the fire? We all know the line, when everyone zigs...

By Kirk Gainsford 27 Jan 2020

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