Kevin Bassett

Mobile communications strategist & campaign designer
Location:Sandton, South Africa


Kevin Bassett, a mobile communications specialist, is the founder and CEO of Floodgate Communications (2004). Floodgate ( specialises in mobile communication strategies that deliver solutions for marketing and advertising, corporate internal communications, call centres and customer queries. Call Kevin on cell +27 (0)82 652 0530, email az.oc.etagdoolf@nivek, follow @KevBassett and @FloodgateComms on Twitter or SMS kevin to 34007 (R2), and he'll call you right back.
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POPI: Your database butt-kick for 2014

You've been meaning to do it, last year and the year before ... but in 2014 that untidy customer database may just become a huge liability.

By Kevin Bassett 6 Feb 2014

First choose operating system then handset

For those planning to upgrade their cellphone in 2013, care must be taken, given the three elephants of computing (Google, Apple and Microsoft), who are stomping on mobile territory. Users need to know who's who in the zoo, because they are fundamentally different.

By Kevin Bassett 15 Feb 2013

[2013 trends] How to metamorphasise mobile marketing this year

"Content, context and customer proclivity" will be the mantra that drives this year's marketing metamorphosis in the arena of mobile technology. I believe that we will see a year of repositioning - of un-automate, de-campaign and game-play - but also of tighten, regulate and measure. In short, 2013 will see the 'mobile moth' turn into a butterfly.

By Kevin Bassett 28 Jan 2013

Eyeball Time: Buy 30 seconds, engage 3 minutes?

If you're told you can buy a 30-second advert and get three minutes of eyeball time for free, you're going to ask how. And the likely answer? "Engage the audience. Obviously." (With or without exasperated eye roll.)

By Kevin Bassett 19 Jul 2012

[2012 trends] Mobile - why, what and maybe

Mobile is trending and 2012 won't be any different. But the products will, so here's a look at why, what and maybe. [video]

By Kevin Bassett 16 Jan 2012

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