Keri-Ann Stanton

Head of Communications at M&N Brands
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Keri-Ann Stanton is Head of Communications at M&N Brands.
#Prisms2018: The inconvenient truth about PR

Legal trumps public relations nearly every time. Class action suit anyone?

By Keri-Ann Stanton 23 Apr 2018

Growing brand belief - the core of PR

Campaigns are exciting but it is SACRILEGE to build a campaign community and then not talk to them until the next campaign. We are all guilty of it...

By Keri-Ann Stanton 21 Apr 2015

[Trends 2015] Back to basics communications engagement

The core of public relations is developing meaningful, relevant, sustainable relationships with media, influencers and consumers...

By Keri-Ann Stanton 27 Jan 2015

Retainers vs projects

We love retainers. We adore retainers. We want retainers. But are retainers what clients want and what PR brands need in 2013?

By Keri-Ann Stanton 6 Feb 2013

Is this how you choose your PR agency?

After a couple of decades in business (the agency not me!) it is fascinating to still hear of unhappy clients, that when push comes to shove, stay with the agencies that drive them mad, simply because 'better the devil you know.'

By Keri-Ann Stanton 31 Jan 2013

[2009 trends] Communications to pick up the pace

What's in store for communications in 2009? The publicists at Kezi Communications collectively put together this list of nine trends for a fast-paced, quickly changing world.

By Keri-Ann Stanton 21 Jan 2009

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