Justin is a media, marketing, technology and telecoms specialist and a creativity and innovation crusader. Persuasion comes in many forms - subtlety is not his favourite and as a libertarian free speech advocate he defends the right to offend. He writes an opinionista column for Daily Maverick. Contact details: Twitter @justininza | Google+ | |


Leadership , Marketing and Communications, Media, Consumer Technology, Retail, Rewards & Loyalty, Mobile, Telecommunications


BComm Economics
Year completed:1987
Education level:Degree
Institution:University of the Witwatersrand
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
#BizTrends2019: How fintech will democratise the internet

Since the advent of the decentralised blockchain in 2009, ingeniously invented by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, fintech has bloomed...

By Justin McCarthy 9 Jan 2019

What an advert for a tub of margarine can teach us about the dangers of narrow self-interest

A South African advertisement for Flora margarine recently caused a bit of a stir both here and abroad[1], raising some interesting questions about what constitutes offence.

By Justin McCarthy 27 Sep 2013

The really real reasons Omnicom and Publicis are merging

Advertising dollars follow attention, always have, always will, irrespective of which channels the audiences can be found in.

By Justin McCarthy 5 Aug 2013

Mann handled

Peter Mann's recent article highlighted an increasingly important topic in today's dynamic media landscape - the juxtaposition of freedom of expression and the infringement of the rights of others.

By Justin McCarthy 18 Feb 2013

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