She is most known for skillfully marrying viral capacity video content with social media ads to generate mass amounts of reach...
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2020 social trends you need to know

Let's face it. Social media marketing is in a constant state of change and advertising has become more and more challenging...

By Julia Rhodes 29 Jan 2020

Apps: The holy grail of content marketing

Business book author Tony Schwartz wrote, “Nearly everyone I know is addicted in some measure to the internet..."

By Julia Rhodes 10 Mar 2017

Creating successful social media competitions

If you're looking for an affordable and engaging way to increase brand awareness, social media competitions could be exactly the boost you need...

By Julia Rhodes 8 Aug 2016

The declining attention span of social media users and how to engage them

As marketers search for innovative ways to engage audiences, it's important to recognise that the attention span of online audiences is quickly declining...

By Julia Rhodes 6 Jul 2016

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