Jonathan Hurvitz is the CEO at Teljoy.
Beyond tech: Here's where the competitive edge is at for online retailers

What exactly does innovation and agility entail, and how does it work to serve e-commerce-based businesses in 2021, asks Teljoy's Jonathan Hurvitz...

By Jonathan Hurvitz 7 May 2021

Consumer convenience a competitive advantage in a connected world

Convenience is at the heart of what consumers expect from the products and services they use, says Teljoy CEO Jonathan Hurvitz...

By Jonathan Hurvitz 13 Apr 2021

Minimalism and the surprising impact it's having on the rental economy

Minimalism - once a niche art movement - is now a mainstream lifestyle trend. We have Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising guru...

By Jonathan Hurvitz 8 Feb 2021

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