Having spent several years developing marketing strategies across digital and traditional media, John Beale found his passion on the social side of digital and is now a digital strategist at Cerebra Communications ( His days are spent developing social media strategy and campaigns for clients and nurturing an unhealthy passion for cars. He blogs at, talks everything motoring on the ZACarShow podcast ( and tweets as @jtbeale on Twitter.
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Ten types of social media complaints

Social media offers a variety of incredible opportunities for companies, but there are some aspects that are daunting for many brands. The king of all fears manifests itself as the customer complaint and, to make matters worse, there are more than a few types.

By John Beale 12 Sep 2011

What marketers need to know about Google+

With another social network being launched by Google, the leader in search and most things Internet, the world is abuzz (sorry) with what Google+ means. Well, if you're a marketer, you'd better get off your recliner and pay attention to what it means to you and your clients.

By John Beale 19 Jul 2011

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