Johan Walters

Digital Marketing Specialist
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


With over 20 years' experience in digital marketing, Johan Walters specialises in helping brands harness the full potential of the digital solutions.
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#AWE2019: Highlights from Day 3

The Augmented World Expo recently took place in Silicon Valley, USA. Here, Johan Walters shares highlights from Day 3...

By Johan Walters 3 Jun 2019

#AWE2019: Highlights from Day 2

The Augmented World Expo is underway in Silicon Valley, USA, and Johan Walters shares highlights from Day 2...

By Johan Walters 31 May 2019

#AWE2019: Highlights from Day 1

The Augmented World Expo is underway in Silicon Valley, USA, and Johan Walters shares highlights from Day 1...

By Johan Walters 30 May 2019

#AWE2019: What to expect from Augmented World Expo USA

With the Augmented World Expo USA starting 29 May 2019, Johan Walters is on the ground in San Francisco. Here's what he's looking forward to from three days filled with AR, VR and everything in between...

By Johan Walters 29 May 2019

#BizTrends2019: Own your MarTech, control your data

Marketing leaders should be wary of the marketing automation siren call and focus on building the foundations to enable real digital performance...

By Johan Walters 21 Jan 2019

Geolocation marketing - crafting a symbiotic relationship with your customer

Mobile is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for brand engagement, especially amongst younger generations who rely on their smartphones during their shopping journey...

By Johan Walters 14 Mar 2018

#BizTrends2018: An augmented reality check

If we look at how tech companies are ploughing money into AR and VR developments it's easy to see why analysts are so bullish about the growth in this space...

By Johan Walters 8 Jan 2018

Turning the whole world into an interactive billboard with AR

Augmented reality campaigns are taking off internationally with progressive brands using the technology to turn every available surface into a virtual billboard...

By Johan Walters, Issued by Incubeta 4 May 2017

Seven reasons why CMOs should be committing to an innovation budget

CMOs are always looking for new ways to differentiate their brands. Newer technologies such as AR and VR offer huge opportunity to position a brand...

By Johan Walters 28 Nov 2016

AR no longer the exclusive domain of the CMO

Augmented and mixed realities are significantly boosting marketing departments' efficacy. But AR is now boldly venturing into the rest of the workplace...

By Johan Walters 21 Oct 2016

Putting RTB to work in an integrated digital strategy

Real-time bidding, a type of programmatic buying, is rapidly gaining currency in South Africa's digital media landscape...

By Johan Walters, Issued by Jetweb 17 Sep 2015

Cape Town's Sea Point Promenade comes alive with Layar Augmented Reality

Cape Town, The Design Capital of the World, is the creative hub of Southern Africa - a habitat for artists who channel their creativity into arts of all forms. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) artists can now enhance their creative works...

By Johan Walters, Issued by Digital Narrative 28 Jan 2015

Augmented Reality, the new triple threat in 2015

Augmented Reality (AR) is set to become the new triple threat in 2015: combining video, social and online, all wrapped up in a package ready to unlock...

By Johan Walters, Issued by Overlay XR 18 Dec 2014

Augment your marketing mix

We all know that traditional marketing has evolved significantly. Having worked in the digital marketing industry for over a decade, I've seen new media continue to develop considerably and introduce AR marketing...

By Johan Walters, Issued by Overlay XR 3 Sep 2014

Conversion attribution needs to be multidimensional to track today's complex customer

Your customer is not one-dimensional. He or she has complex needs, interests and behaviour. That's why you can no longer rely on last-click attribution to tell you the full story of the customer journey.

By Johan Walters 3 Jun 2014

Expanding the customer funnel to increase conversions

In the first part of this column, I outlined how you can put in place an advanced infrastructure to track and report on the customer's journey across your organisation's digital touchpoints.

By Johan Walters 18 Apr 2014

How remarketing can make your digital ad spend stretch further

Once you have invested in the tools, data and processes you need to track your digital advertising campaigns, remarketing is one of the best ways to really put that tracking infrastructure to work for your business.

By Johan Walters 7 Nov 2013

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