Jessica Barrella

MD at Barrk Marketing
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Jessica Barrella is passionate about helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs reach the next level with solid marketing.
The next decade of digital marketing

The digital marketing landscape looked very different 10 years ago. Instagram didn't exist and neither did voice assistants. AI, AR and VR were science fiction concepts...

By Jessica Barrella 19 Feb 2020

The do's of social media marketing

As someone has so aptly said, when you are in any doubt as to the appropriateness of something you intend posting, apply the golden rule: WWGT (what would Granny think?)...

By Jessica Barrella 15 Oct 2019

The don'ts of social media marketing

Ah, social media marketing - the buzz words of today...

By Jessica Barrella 18 Sep 2019

How does social media support sales?

Many businesses can give testimony to the fact that social media has been an extremely vital tool to grow their business and promote sales...

By Jessica Barrella 15 Aug 2019

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