Janine Lloyd is the CEO of PR Expert, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. With 27 years in leadership and entrepreneurship in the communications, marketing and branding fields, Janine is known for being an inspiring leader, razor-sharp strategist and successful entrepreneur. She has led her business to achieve the highest accolades in the industry winning multiple awards and recently PR Expert won the PRISM Campaign of the Year for 2016.
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#BizTrends2018: The low-down on 2018 PR and marketing trends

This year is going to continue to be a tough journey for all businesses as they grapple for market share and growth during a difficult economy...

By Janine Lloyd 15 Jan 2018

PR industry professionals must stand up for integrity

It is a sad day when PR firms tarnish the reputation of the industry as a whole...

By Janine Lloyd 6 Apr 2017

Navigating the complexity of the agency environment and performance

Those of us working today all have some type of stress in our jobs and those in PR, marketing and communications know all too well the toll it can take on productivity if left unmanaged...

By Janine Lloyd 24 Jun 2016

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