Jane Stevenson

Strategic Director at Magnetic Storm
Location:South Africa


Named by CEO publication as SA's most influential government businesswoman in the SME sector in 2012, she's big on vision, strategy and effective communication. Start with a successful business strategy and executive coaching consultancy to leading national brands... add the experience of being a Board and EXCO member of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber; and stir in some fearless Scottish roots and a dedication to building organisational vision. The result? A motivating, passionate team player.
Do you know what your customers want their customers to experience?

It's a common question that we assume everyone knows or understands. But assuming versus engaging, in order to know, are vastly different...

By Jane Stevenson 3 Sep 2019

Sponsorship isn't a freebie; it's a partnership of a different kind

As a brand that believes in, and nurtures community and relationships, it's increasingly difficult saying no to the daily calls for sponsorship. Yes or no. Small words with a big impact, if used correctly...

By Jane Stevenson 3 Jul 2019

Prime time: are you using yours effectively?

Take a moment and write down the top three things that you should be doing in your position to bring value to your business...

By Jane Stevenson 23 May 2019

Hiring the right ambassadors for your event

Formula One's decision to dispense its 'grid girls' reflects the need for marketers and event professionals to develop new approaches and strategies when it comes to using ambassadors to represent brands...

By Jane Stevenson 26 Nov 2018

#InnovationMonth: Ditch the box

You've heard it before, "think outside the box." But what if we scrap the box...

By Jane Stevenson 13 Sep 2016

The balancing act

Celebrating Women's Day gives us a chance to reflect on how the role of women has changed through the years. We have many roles: mother, accountant, confidant, wife, tooth fairy, business woman, taxi, nurse, bottle washer and chief cook - I can go on. But you get where I am going with this...

By Jane Stevenson 11 Aug 2016

Value through long-term relationships

Business owners often get caught up in conversations around the details of what they sell rather than focusing on critical conversations around building relationships. This extends not only to clients but to suppliers, employees, and *gasp* even our competitors...

By Jane Stevenson 7 Jun 2016

The newbie strategy

Having recently changed career path, I find myself in a challenging space that can be incredibly frustrating, and ranked among the highest stressors in a person's life...

By Jane Stevenson 9 Sep 2015

'Culture eats strategy for breakfast'

Companies spend time creating a strategy for their business and speak about objectives, research, goals, direction... but few speak about the actions and ownership required to achieve the strategy...

By Jane Stevenson 16 Aug 2014

Culture captains

There is always an interesting debate around organisational culture and what is its true value. This is indeed more prevalent when times are tough and focus is on financial pressures...

By Jane Stevenson 28 Jul 2014

The brand within

Effective internal brand-building boils down to some simple human truths, quite often ignored at the peril of the brand, both internally and externally, and ultimately the success of the business.

By Jane Stevenson 4 Jun 2014

Serving up tribal strategies

Building reputation goes beyond building brand awareness. It's connected to engagement, sharing, brand ambassadors and, of course, long-term relationships and loyalty.

By Jane Stevenson 15 May 2014

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