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6 ways 2019's marketing prepared us for 2020

We're seeing the profound shifting of businesses, processes and models through the use of multiple digital technologies, enhancing brand visibility, speed and sales. This article looks at six key things which have prepared the marketing landscape in 2019 for even more innovation in 2020...

By Jainita Khatri 3 Jan 2020

The brands leading, challenging and exploring in 2019

Coca-Cola dividing their products into three categories - leaders, challengers and explorers - is a good way of defining the future of any brand...

By Jainita Khatri 5 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: The humanising factor

In 2019 marketers will be focused on how to best implement the potential wave of artificial intelligence flooding our homes, vehicles, online habits and workplace. But there are important humanising pockets of influence which brands should also take note of...

By Jainita Khatri 15 Jan 2019

Celebrating women of worth

National Women's Day in August gives us the opportunity to celebrate strong and worthy women. In this article, Jainita Khatri looks at outstanding women from diverse backgrounds that share characteristics which make them inspiring leaders.

By Jainita Khatri 24 Aug 2018

Trends 2018: Omnichannel is the new normal

As smart technology enters our homes, cars, work and leisure time, marketers have the opportunity to innovate and reach potential customers via ever-expanding touch points...

By Jainita Khatri 25 Jan 2018

Was Black Friday 2017 a win for SA retailers?

Retailers and consumers, door deals and online marketing, geo-tracking, real-time parking deals and refreshments for physical shoppers. Black Friday has evolved into a complex sales phenomenon...

By Jainita Khatri 15 Dec 2017

Four reasons why our current work model is obsolete

In September 2016, A Workplace Revolution Report done by Regis showed we're on the brink of radical change in terms of what we consider a "workplace"...

By Jainita Khatri 4 Dec 2017

Phygital: The new retail marketing playground

Physical merged with digital, that's where the term phygital comes from. It's a marketing and retail description, but you'll find a world of phygital art out there too...

By Jainita Khatri 26 Oct 2017

Social media South Africa 2018, are we ready?

Jainita Khatri recently attended Arthur Goldstuck's presentation on the SA Social Media Landscape 2018 and writes about some of the points that stood out...

By Jainita Khatri 16 Oct 2017

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