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Jacques Du Bruyn is the Managing Director of Flume, a full-service Digital & PR Marketing Agency based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. He is a UJ and Vega School graduate with an honours degree in Brand Strategy.
Being deeply digital

The truth is that the marketing fraternity hasn't helped itself in defining what exactly digital marketing is and where it fits in...

By Jacques du Bruyn 3 Jul 2019

Why marketing agencies are more relevant than ever

There's been a lot of chatter recently around the subject of 'the future of marketing agencies'. Flume's Jacques Du Bruyn says he believes marketing agencies are more relevant than ever...

By Jacques du Bruyn 21 May 2019

The trend of trends

What is the point of talking about trends? Do they assist our decision-making or are they a badge that we wear to help us feel like we're in the know?

By Jacques du Bruyn 8 Mar 2019

Telling the right STORY

Communication is a fundamental pillar for the success of any business. Getting it wrong may set you up for failure from the very beginning...

By Jacques du Bruyn 20 Nov 2018

Discount-based media buying #mustfall

Media buying (online in particular) is evolving. Believe it or not, your target audience is smart. It's no longer about placing an advert during the 8pm news or a banner ad on a news website...

By Jacques du Bruyn 12 Jul 2016

[BizTrends 2016] The mobile gamechanger

We're definitely going to be taking mobile very seriously. Especially with communication and consumption trends.

By Jacques du Bruyn 29 Jan 2016

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