Ian Steyn

Product Executive: Customer Engagement
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Ian is the Product Executive: Customer Engagement at Innervation PAN African Payment Solutions. He has over 15 years experience in the integration and operation of large range Value Added Services and Payments into various tiers and verticals within retail. Ian was part of a team that deployed the first online and real-time prepaid electricity vending in South Africa in 1998.
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Individualisation: The powerful trend shaping retail customer experience

Rising inflation. Record petrol prices. A VAT increase. A technical recession. SA consumers are feeling the pinch...

By Ian Steyn 18 Oct 2018

Transaction reconciliation vital in EFT, VAS domain

Transaction reconciliation can be used both as a strategic advantage and as business critical safety net, as more retailers implement Value Added Services (VAS) to enhance the customer experience, to generate incremental revenue and to gain a competitive advantage.

By Ian Steyn 8 Nov 2013

Get festive edge through technology

With news that the consumer confidence has hit a ten-year low, coupled with a slowdown in consumer spending, rising fuel and electricity and more fears around unemployment, the retail sector will be hard pressed to find ways to win customers come December.

By Ian Steyn 22 Oct 2013

Value added services essential in downturn market

Smart retailers are looking for ways to get more out of each hard won customer, as lacklustre retail statistics come under further pressure from ever-rising petrol prices, job cuts and diminishing consumer confidence.

By Ian Steyn 1 Oct 2013

Keeping up with the POSse

Many retailers are still grappling with "the era of the customer experience"; finding ways to serve their customers more efficiently, whilst offering an increasing number of Value-Added Services. However, enhancing a point of sale (POS) system to support a host of integrated value added services can be a challenge.

By Ian Steyn 28 Aug 2013

Integrate POS services at tills

The use of multiple terminals at till points leads to inefficiency, lack of productivity and affects retailer profits. Wasted cashier time and longer queues are just the start of the challenges, for multiple standalone terminals puts retailers at much greater risk of mistakes and fraud. The solution is integrating all those services into the point of sale.

By Ian Steyn 6 Aug 2013

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