Co-founder and Director of Flickswitch, a technology company in the mobile telecoms space focusing on the management of M2M data SIM cards across various African mobile networks.

He is passionate about mobile data and its connectivity means in Africa. As the use of data SIM cards increases in this age of IoT (Internet of Things), it needs to be managed. The intersection of data SIM cards and effectively managing it on a large scale, is what gets Hein excited.
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Safeguard your corporate SIM

For companies who have come to rely on SIM cards for machine-to-machine communication and other enterprise-level solutions, fraud can be crippling...

By Hein Koen 28 Dec 2015

Enhancing your international guests' travel experience

Operators are increasingly under pressure to find innovative ways to differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience to visitors...

By Hein Koen 8 Dec 2015

Africa's invisible sector: Caught up in complexity

Having faced nasty bill shocks at month end, or struggled to get out of onerous mobile contracts, many consumers have long since made the switch to prepaid SIM cards...

By Hein Koen 28 Aug 2015

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